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Carlos Lobo



Carlos and Eduardo Lobo grew up in poverty in a Mexican village and usually had to steal to feed themselves and their family. Even as young boys they had uncanny abilities of being faster and better eyesight than other children their age. At seventeen, while sneaking into a cattle ranch to steal a calf, Eduardo spotted the rancher’s daughter Bonita. His presence spooked the cattle, and Bonita’s horse, so it threw her off its back. Eduardo caught Bonita as she fell to the ground and soon the two were in love. However, the rancher’s sons were furious that she would mingle with the lower class, so they found the two of them together and beat Eduardo with whips. Unfortunately, for the boys, a full moon appeared and Eduardo transformed into his werewolf persona for the first time. Eduardo attacked and killed Bonita’s brothers and, because of his animal urges, killed Bonita as well. It was soon after that the Lobo brothers moved from Mexico to south Texas.

When the brothers arrived in Texas, there were several Hispanic gangs at war with one another, but the Lobo brothers brought them together under a single name: Los Hermanos de la Luna. Eduardo and Carlos soon became the head of this organization as all the other gang leaders disappeared. They rose to power quickly and became rich and powerful through various illegal means, one of which was a drug smuggling operation. Eventually, they had their sights on New York, particularly the area the Kingpin controlled. Wilson Fisk is not so easily defeated, and he ordered his assistant, the Arranger to make the Lobo brothers go away. The Arranger recruited a mutant that went by the codename Persuader in order to manipulate the Punisher into killing the brothers. Unfortunately, the Arranger’s plans were ruined when Spider-Man intervened. The angered Lobo brothers wanted revenge on the Kingpin and initiated a gang war upon their arrival in New York. Eduardo eventually met and fell in love with Glory Grant of the Daily Bugle. She soon learned of Eduardo’s mutant power, and during one of their many battles with Spider-Man, Glory shot and killed Eduardo with the Arranger’s gun filled with silver bullets. Spider-Man soon learned that Glory was actually aiming for him. Carlos ended up incarcerated

The current status of Carlos Lobo are unknown, but it is assumed that he is plotting his revenge on Spider-Man since he believes that he is the true cause of his brother’s death. It is also unknown if he was one of the few mutants who retained thier powers after the House of M fiasco.




200 lbs.


(Human form) Brown, (Werewolf form) Red


(Human form) Black, (Werewolf form) Gray

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