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Tara Strong and Skai Jackson To Voice Mary Jane Watson and Glory Grant on 'Marvel Rising: Initiation'

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The charming Glory Grant was pursuing a modeling career when she met Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker, who had just moved in across the hall in her Lower West Side apartment building. Peter and Glory became fast friends; though a frequent visitor to his apartment, she remained unaware that Peter was leading a double life as the masked adventurer Spider-Man. Later, when Glory was looking for work, Peter brought her to the Bugle, where irascible publisher J. Jonah Jameson had been going through secretaries at an alarming rate since the departure of his long-time secretary Betty Brant. By this time, it seemed as if Betty might be the only person who could live up to Jameson's demanding standards while tolerating Jameson's abrasive personality. While Glory was hesitant to apply for the job, she went ahead, encouraged by Peter and city editor Joe Robertson-and to everyone's surprise, Jonah took an immediate liking to her. The smart, pleasantly efficient Glory has gone on to become the longest-serving secretary in recent Bugle history, working for both Jameson and Robertson, who was later promoted to editor-in-chief.

As a Bugle employee and occasional associate of Spider-Man, Glory has had many brushes with danger over the years; but Grant's darkest hour by far came when she fell madly in love with lycanthropic gang boss Eduardo Lobo. Alongside his brother Carlos, Eduardo was waging a gang war against the Kingpin, and he seduced Glory with the intention of using her to access the Bugle's research files on the Kingpin. However, once he had the files, Eduardo realized he had truly fallen in love with Glory and could not bring himself to abandon her. In fact, he admitted, she was now the only thing in the world that truly mattered to him. Glory, wracked by guilt over romancing a criminal and compromising the Bugle's files, agonized over what to do next; Peter advised her to follow her heart. When the Lobos' gang war climaxed in a chaotic battle with various rival criminals, Eduardo ended up in a death struggle with Spider-Man. During the fight, Glory picked up a fallen gun (which the Kingpin's lieutenant the Arranger had loaded with silver bullets), aimed, and fired, killing Eduardo. When Spider-Man thanked her, a grief-stricken Glory revealed that she had been aiming at Spider-Man, having followed her heart as Peter suggested.

Glory regarded Spider-Man with bitter resentment thereafter, but this did not stop him from aiding her and government agent Shotgun against the late voodoo witch Calypso, who spiritually possessed Grant long enough to engineer a scheme that brought Calypso fully back from the dead. More recently, Glory has found new happiness in a romance with Randy Robertson, the son of Joe Robertson.




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