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Cherry Blossom was recruited by Daredevil (Matthew Murdock) to serve as a Hand assassin in a team comprised of five female warriors known as the Nail. The goal was to eliminate the corrupt underbelly of New York City's Hell's Kitchen, but when an innocent woman was kidnapped by the Hand, the Nail's leader, Colleen Wing, refused to subject her to their cruel interrogation tactics. The woman was Colleen's close friend, Tig, but when Colleen attempted to rescue her, Cherry Blossom seemed to stand with the other members of the Nail against her. However, after Colleen was captured by Makro, Cherry Blossom prevented Black Lotus from killing her, and then distracted Yuki so Colleen could escape; later when asked why she sided with Colleen, Cherry Blossom hinted it was because Colleen always addressed her with respect. Returning to free Tig, Colleen challenged Black Lotus and was allowed to leave after Lotus' defeat. Cherry Blossom left with Colleen and accompanied her and Tig on a job to search for a missing girl in Japan.









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