The Cleric's past remained a mystery, however, it is known that he was present on the Kyln prison planet, when the "mad Titan" Thanos sat foot on the planet, on an undefined pilgrimage of his own design. The Cleric served as a one man welcoming committee and tour guide to the Titan. Cleric shared with Thanos the ins and outs of the misbegotten prison world, which had become accustom to bureaucratic forbearance, pilgrimage sites of questionable veracity due to expanding universe proximity, also called the Crunch. The Cleric also requested that Thanos remain on his best behavior while in Kyln, before they went their separate ways. Sometime after meeting inmate Moloka Dar, who told Thanos of the Makers return to consciousness. Moloka informed Thanos that he was not a sympathizer of the Maker and escorted Thanos back to the Cleric once again. This time Cleric escorted Thanos to see the adversaries of the Maker, which were led by Starlord and Gladiator of the Shi'ar empire. They were both being held as prisoners in Kyln. Upon the Cleric's return without Thanos, he was attacked by the ferocious Mynx, who craved a message in his chest for Thanos to read.







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