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Mynx was a ferocious feline like humanoid female, who was imprisoned on the Kyln prison planet for an undisclosed crime. She was an associate of loyalist that believed in the being known as the Maker, who was also a prisoner on Kyln. Mynx observed the Cleric who introduced Thanos of Titan to a group of inmates that opposed the Maker. Sometime later Mynx attacked the Cleric, using her razor sharp claws to deface him and crave a message in his chest for Thanos to see. Mynx and other supporters of the Maker were later confronted by Thanos and the recently healed Cleric, as Thanos sought to confer with the Maker. Mynx growled at Thanos as she conceded to his request knowing that she was no match for the "mad Titan." Thanos' meeting with the Maker was very brief, due to her becoming upset with his powerful posturing, and she caused an explosion that sent Thanos soaring across the planet. The Maker also shrunk Mynx and many more of her sympathizers down to a very small hand-held size. Mynx was later found and kept as a pet by Skreet. Mynx was rescued from Skreet by the Star-Lord (Peter Quill), who somehow managed to return to her original size. Mynx is thought to have met her death in the destruction of the Kyln prison planet.









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