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Briefly serving time in juvenile detention, Coat of Arms had a hard time making it on her own after being released. She claimed Tiboro's coat found her and asked a question, leading to a life of costumed adventure. Inappropriately fascinated with Norman Osborn's life as the Green Goblin, he became the inspiration behind her artwork. Finally meeting Osborn in person, she decided she had to get closer to her subject matter and founded her Young Avengers; a team of super-powered youths not knowing what they should stand for. However, adopting a team name already in use by the actual Young Avengers forced a brief confrontation with the heroes, leading to a compromise of holding tryouts, attempting to incorporate both teams into one. Patriot (Elijah Bradley) was concerned if Osborn was actually responsible for creating her team. Denied membership into the Young Avengers, the Melter (Christopher Colchiss) contacted Osborn and his Avengers to get revenge. Underestimating the young heroes, Osborn's group was having a hard time containing them which provoked a call to the immensely powerful Sentry (Robert Reynolds). Coat of Arms refused to watch a massacre, and pulling a chain from Tiboro's coat, Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton) and Wiccan bound and banished Sentry from the battlefield. Soon after, Coat of Arms and her team departed, but what direction she decided to take them in remains unrevealed.









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