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Sylvie Lushton was given power beyond her wildest dreams by the Asgardian god of mischief, Loki, but with this gift came uncertainty of her true place in the world. She is a mortal who suspected she was part of the Asgardian race, making her highly vulnerable to dashed hopes. Sylvie was enthusiastic about using her powers to benefit others in need while finding out about herself in the process. She wanted desperately to be a hero, so when the opportunity to be a part of the Young Avengers presented itself, she wasn't about to let it slip away; even if it meant manipulating her friend's minds to see her dreams realized. Auditioning for Wiccan, she made the cut, but after her teammates, Big Zero and Egghead, revealed her secret to the Young Avengers, they were terrified of her. Sylvie didn't understand, so Wiccan explained how Loki constantly tried to sabotage every incarnation of the Avengers with traps and treachery, but he added she didn't have to conform to Loki's design, and she had the power to choose her own path. However, while that was happening the rest of the Young Avengers were defending themselves from Norman Osborn and his team. Once Sentry (Robert Reynolds) was called to end the skirmish, Sylvie was given a second chance to be the hero she aspired to be. Together with Wiccan and Coat of Arms, Sylvie banished Sentry from the battlefield, allowing the Young Avengers to evade capture, before escaping with her allies.









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