A traditionally trained samurai, Colleen Wing grew up learning martial arts from her grandfather before moving back to New York City. There, she helped out her dad, worked with Misty Knight, and befriended Iron Fist (Danny Rand) and Luke Cage. She has used her incredible skills as a martial artist and swordswoman to bring villains to justice.

Colleen Wing

Born and Raised

After the death of her mother, Colleen was trained as a samurai by her grandfather before moving back to New York City, where she used her remarkable abilities to work with other local heroes like Misty Knight, Danny Rand, and Luke Cage to bring down bad guys and keep people safe.

Colleen Wing

Fighting Chance

Thanks to a mix of her grandfather's training and her mother's blood flowing through her, Colleen took quickly to her samurai training, which eventually elevated her to a world-class fighter performing at a peak physical level.

Colleen Wing

While she is incredibly efficient with her sword, she is also a master detective and once used Iron Fist's chi to enhance her own natural skills.

Colleen's Combatants

During her long tenure as a hero, samurai, and adventurer, Colleen Wing takes down plenty of evildoers. She helps Iron Fist fight off Steel Serpent, is brainwashed by Angar the Screamer, and is manipulated by others including Master Khan and Vachon. She continues to use her incredible skills to defeat villains and save innocents.

Winning Warriors

Born to the leader of the Nail, Azumi Ozawa, and Asian Studies professor Dr. Lee Wing, Colleen Wing grows up living and training with her grandfather Kenji Ozawa after her mother diex. She works with her father later on and eventually meets Danny Rand, Misty Knight, and Luke Cage through her work with him.

Colleen Wing

Over the years, she co-owns Knightwing Restorations and Daughters of the Dragon with Misty Knight, and plays important roles with various incarnations of Heroes for Hire. She fights alongside Spider-Man, Shang-Chi, the X-Men, and the Fearless Defenders. She has been in romantic relationships with Rand, Cyclops, and Bob Diamond.




135 lbs.






Dark Red

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Spread Your Wing

Colleen Wing was born to warrior Azumi Ozawa and an intellectual by the name of Professor Lee Wing. Not long after her birth, Azumi died mysteriously and Colleen moved to Japan to live and study with her maternal grandfather Kenji Ozawa. He trained her in the ways of the samurai from a very young age, to utilize martial arts as well as swordplay to become one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

After completing her training, Colleen decided to move back to New York City near her father, who taught Asian Studies at Columbia. In the Big Apple, she became a private investigator known as "the woman who never laughed." Eventually she met up with a cop named Misty Knight who would go on to lose her arm in a terrorist bomb and become her partner in crime-fighting for years.

After Danny Rand returned to Earth from his decade away in K'un-Lun, Wing's father requested that she meet Iron Fist outside of Harold Meachum's building because he knew a great deal about Rand's history.

Colleen Wing

This began a close relationship between Rand and Colleen that led to a brief romance.

Angar the Screamer kidnapped Wing and brainwashed her into hating Iron Fist. After they battled, Rand and Misty managed to get Colleen back to her true self, helping cement their mutual friendship beyond their fleeting romantic relationship.

After a mission to Japan that partially pitted Wing against the incredibly arrogant Sunspot, she met the X-Men alongside her partner and also started dating Cyclops. The relationship came to an end shortly after because he discovered that Jean Grey returned to life using her Phoenix abilities.

Colleen became a regular fixture in the adventures of Power Man and Iron Fist, otherwise known as the Heroes for Hire. As bondswomen running Knightwing Restorations, also known as Daughters of the Dragon at times, Wing and Knight initially didn't feel great about the competition, but eventually became close associates with Cage and Rand.

After many adventures, the gang broke up when an Iron Fist imposter died and Luke Cage was blamed for the murder. Though no longer affiliated with the Heroes for Hire, Wing and Knight continued on in their own business.

Colleen was shocked when she turned on the television and saw Danny Rand was still alive. This turned out to be a Skrull in disguise, but she and Misty eventually found out that Rand used his chi to heal the cancer that had taken him out of the hero game around the time he was replaced.

Later, while working a Knightwing Restorations job from the F.B.I. with Iron Fist, they all took on the Yakuzida and the Red Dragons, which led to them fighting ninjas as Rand took on Sabretooth. The Daughters of the Dragon saved Danny Rand on his mission to K'un-Lun which the Steel Serpent had taken over after stealing the Iron Fist power.

Seemingly never far from Danny Rand, Colleen and Misty fought alongside the new Heroes for Hire, which original Human Torch Jim Hammond ran through the Namor-owned Oracle company. He brought in Wing and Knight to help on a few missions that took them to Symkaria where they fought Silver Sable and the Wild Pack.

Colleen later offered part of her soul alongside Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Heroes for Hire member White Tiger to save Iron Fist's life. Brother Voodoo took all of those pieces to return Danny to full health. That team fell apart after Namor sold Oracle to Stark-Fujikawa, who were not comfortable with ex-cons being on the team.

After that, Colleen and Misty returned to their gigs as bondswomen and took on Rhino, Razorfist, Whirlwind, and Ricadonna, a maniacal publisher-turned-villain. This led to a new version of the Heroes for Hire that worked directly for the government in an effort to bring in anti-Registration Super Heroes, a move that did not sit well with Danny Rand and Luke Cage.

Colleen and Misty worked with Black Cat, Shang-Chi, Paladin, Humbug, Orka, and Tarantula, but not everyone wanted to work with a team or even a hero. This group made its way through the Super Hero Civil War, dealt with black market Skrull organs, and World War Hulk before breaking apart, very much in part because Colleen disagreed with Misty's decision to work against their fellow heroes.

Not long after Colleen and Misty registered and reformed the Heroes for Hire, they agreed to work with the then-unregistered Luke Cage to help longtime friend Jeryn Hogarth, who had been blackmailed into working with Wai-Go Industries, run by Hydra's Xao. This led to the construction of a magnetic train that would be used to blow up K'un-Lun after Xao kidnapped Hogarth's mother for leverage. Wing, Knight, and Cage did their part to not only stop Hydra, but also save Mrs. Hogarth.

Later, Daredevil attempted to take over the Hand and use it for good, but was instead possessed by the demon Zhou Cheng. He also built a huge tower called Shadowland in Hell's Kitchen. At that time, Colleen and Misty had split up, but they both showed up to help Matt Murdock, which led to a huge battle with the Hand. Daredevil surprised Wing by leaving a mysterious message about her mother.

Daredevil told Wing that her mother, Azumi Ozawa, also trained with Kenji, but decided to join the Hand and wound up leading a group called the Nail, which utilized five women from ancient bloodlines to kill. After revealing this to her, Daredevil asked Colleen if she wanted to take her mother's place and lead the new Nail to take out evil men and save the women they abuse. She agreed in exchange for more information about her mother. Eventually she realized that she'd been lied to and left the group, but gained information, new sisters, and a renewed relationship with Misty in the process.

Later, Misty Knight joined Valkyrie to restart the Valkyrior, a group of female warriors. Wing eventually answered her partner's call to help stop the Doom Maidens, but did not remain with the team.

Colleen and Misty jumped in to save their friend Shang-Chi while he mourned his ex-lover Leiko Wu and was targeted by Razorfist. Since then, Colleen was always ready to show up when her friends needed her, whether it was Misty Knight, Power Man, Iron Fist, or the other Defenders.

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