Corvus on Board

As one of Thanos’ trusted killing machines, Corvus was most likely spotted by the Mad Titan himself in the midst of chaos and death, while half his planet was being destroyed. Captured and “adopted” at a young age, Corvus would then come to serve at the behest of Thanos in his quest to capture and wield all six Infinity Stones.

Corvus’ Capabilities

Though Corvus may prefer to sneak up from behind his foes to end the fight quickly and decisively, he can still hold his own with the likes of Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Captain America. Corvus is quick enough to keep up with heroes who can fly at fast speeds and is strong enough to overpower (and almost kill) Captain America.

It is Corvus’ mysterious weapon, a staff with a large curved blade at the end, that he uses to deal the most damage. It can absorb and block energy attacks as well as penetrate vibranium—which Corvus does when he stabs Vision, twice, in the chest. Though neither blow kills Vision, the subsequent wound severely incapacitates the living android, taking away his ability to phase or recover easily.

Corvus’ staff is also strong enough to be used as a method of ripping the Mind Stone off of Vision’s forehead. Corvus never succeeds in his attempt due to interruptions, but it is clear he believes his weapon can do the job.

Corvus Glaive in Scotland

Opposing Glaive

Corvus and Proxima Midnight find Vision and the Scarlet Witch are not easy prey when they attempted to take the Mind Stone from Vision, with the two battling back—and Scarlet Witch in particular doing some damage. The arrival of Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow to help their friends would put more Avengers on Corvus’ list of enemies. The Widow likely stands out the most to Corvus, as he is injured and incapacitated by her to the point that he can no longer stand and fight.

Later, in Wakanda, more would join the struggle against the Children of Thanos, including Shuri, who attempts to stop Corvus when he once more goes after Vision. His most notable enemy turns out to be Vision, though, who ends up besting him in the end.

Family Matters

Corvus shares a tight and troubling bond with his fellow Children of Thanos—most notably Proxima Midnight, Cull Obsidian, and Ebony Maw. He never questions Thanos’ orders and often devises clever plots and ploys to defeat his enemies.

Glaiving the Cube

Corvus was among Thanos’ raiding party when the Asgardian ship, Statesman, was attacked and boarded. Thanos borrowed Corvus’ weapon to stab and kill Heimdall after the wounded Asgardian used the last of his power to transport an unconscious Hulk to Earth using the Bifrost.

Corvus and Proxima Midnight were paired up to retrieve the Mind Stone from Vision in Edinburgh, Scotland. Attacking Vision from behind with his spear, and stabbing him right through, Corvus downed Vision so that he could use the tip of his spear blade to remove the Mind Stone from where it was embedded in his head.

Corvus Glaive fights Vision

Scarlet Witch’s retaliation was too powerful though, causing Corvus and Midnight to engage in a much larger battle than anticipated. One that eventually brought in Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon. Corvus was badly wounded in the melee by Black Widow and when he proved unable to stand and continue the fight, Proxima beamed them both back to their ship in retreat.

Using a plan where they pretended Corvus was dead, Corvus, Proxima, and Cull Obsidian led an assault on Wakanda, where Vision was being held so that the Mind Stone could be surgically removed. Even as the fighting began, Corvus didn’t make his presence known right away. Instead, he hid inside the city near Shuri’s lab, ready to strike whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Corvus and Cull hiding in the jungles of Wakanda

Once Scarlet Witch left Vision’s side to aid her friends down in the battlefield, Corvus struck, taking down the guards and Shuri, and attempting to kill Vision when he was vulnerable. Still not at full power, Vision fought back and the two of them crashed down in a wooded area outside the lab, where Corvus once again stabbed Vision and tried to extract the Stone.

Captain America ran in to help, but Corvus was more prepared and managed to overwhelm Cap in both the strength and speed department. Right when it seemed like Cap might be done for, Vision fatally stabbed Corvus, from behind, with his own weapon.