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Rory and his twin sister, Pandora, where born a part of the ClanDestine, children of Adam Destine and a creature of pure magic (a genie.) They were born presumably in the late 60's, right after the "Relative Strangers Protocol" was implemented by the Clan and in which the family members estranged themselves from one another and kept their superhuman powers a secret. (Although born decades earlier, the twin's prolonged aging has allowed them to be currently in their young teens.) The twins were raised by their guardians, Walter and Florence, whom they were led to believe were their uncle and grandmother. Not knowing their true origin, the twins believed themselves mutants, as their powers, heightened by each other's proximity, developed early. Rory convinced Pandora to follow him in becoming super-hero champions, although Pandora was definitely less interested in such escapades.

One such excursion brought the twins upon a battle between the scientific organization A.I.M. and lackeys of the mutated being Lenz. The twins tried to stop them by taking the object of their dispute, the Gryphon, but soon fled the scene. Pandora's cape was stolen during the battle, and this caused the existence of the Clan to be revealed, and Lenz sent his agents to systematically kill the Destine family members. Pandora and Rory were soon told of their legacy, and the family eventually stopped the villain.

Walter tried to force the children to stop using their powers as crime fighters, prompting Rory to run away with Pandora's help (since they needed to be together to have their powers activated.) The twins helped stop an assassination attempt on their Clan sister, Cuckoo, and Walter reluctantly agreed to allow the children to fight crime with a chaperone.

Rory was on hand when the demon Synraith pitted the mutant heroes of the X-Men against the ClanDestine in order to free himself. Synraith even tempted Rory and Pandora to join the X-Men, but was ultimately destroyed and the two teams soon parted under amiable terms.





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