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Dominic is a child of Adam Destine and his genie lover, one of many in a long line of brothers and sisters. With the extreme longevity of the Clan, the full history of Dominic remains unrevealed. At one point in recent history, Dominic created the costume and stage identity of Hex, using his abilities in a magic show and gaining great popularity. At one point, when challenged by an audience member to open a puzzle box, Dominic inadvertently discovered it was a truly magical object, becoming thrust into another dimension and rescued by Earth's sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange.

It is unknown how often Dominic would stay with the rest of the family, but he was apparently on hand when Adam was forced to kill his son, Vincent, an act which created a rift among the family. This and other factors led to the family to scatter around the globe, adopting a so-called "Relative Strangers Protocol." The family feared that should their existence become public, they would face undue persecution and hardship. Dominic abandoned civilization and lived alone on a remote island for many years, in part due to the family rift but mostly for comfort from his superhuman senses.

Eventually, the existence of the family was discovered and the members began to be systematically murdered. Dominic resurrected his costumed identity and was instrumental in coordinating the other family members in defeating their enemies and in staying together as a family once again.





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