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Reknowed to be the greatest expert on electricity of the east block. Due to his brilliance he was funded by the state and had a few labs within the Soviet Union. Where he created the Jet Paralyzer technology, the costume of the Unicorn and its own Crimson Dynamo Armor. After he left his lab in the barren Siberia. He took on the name of "The Crimson Dynamo" and continued his work near Moskou.

Later, Venko was send on a mision to destroy the guardian of Stark Enterprises Iron Man With the Unicorn suite still in the testing his faze. It was to Venko himself to do the job. Venko was tricked by Iron Man in believing the leader of the Kremlin wanted him Liquored when ever he destroyed his enemy or not. He switched sides and started working at Stark Enterprises. What both of them didn't know was that Stark literally saved Venko's live.

Venko became a valued employee of Stark Enterprises and a good friend of the CEO Tony Stark who warned him not to over exert himself on improving Laser Light technology but remained as deadly to the users as its target.

The Kremlin didn't take well to turn coats and send Boris Turgenev and the Black Widow to retrieve both him and Tony Stark. Boris was successful in subduing Venko and stole his armor pretending to be the good professor. Venko cleared his name by killing the infiltrator but his laser light gun exploded killing both of them at the same moment. Dying for the country he saw now as a home.

Venko's legacy continued to pester America in the coming years due to the flowwing Crimson Dynamo's, the unicorn and Titanium Man that was constructed in its old Siberian lab.




240 lbs. (presumed)




Bald, Black

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