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Cronus is the youngest of the Titan sired by the primordial Sky Father Ouranos and the Earth Mother Gaea. When Ouranos banished their children, the cyclopes and centimanes, to the neither world of Tartarus, the vengeance Gaea urged the Titans to attack him. Coveting his father's power, Cronus, convinced the reluctant Titans to ambush Ouranos in his sleep. Cronus delivered the killing wound to Ouranos with his sickle (a gift from Gaea) and became the Titans' leader and the new Olympian Sky Father, marrying his sister Rhea. However, the dying Ouranos prophesied Cronus would likewise be dethroned by his own children. To prevent this prophesy from becoming a reality, Cronus consumed his children upon birth. Appalled Rhea concealed her sixth pregnancy and birth Zeus on Earth. Zeus poisoned Cronus to disgorge his siblings and he freed the cyclopes and centimanes from Tartus, thus leading to their participation in the 10-year war against the Titans. As the centimanes defeated Cronus’ war chief Atlas and his Titan army. Zeus and his brothers defeated Cronus and confined him and most of his allies to Tartarus. In modern times, a battle between the war god Ares and the Hulk (Bruce Banner) weakened the gate sealing Tartus, and Cronus led the Olympian gigantes against Zeus, but the Olympian gods defeated and returned them to Tartarus. After Zeus was slain by Mikaboshi, Cronus testified in favor of Zeus’ punishment in Tartarus.
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