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From Hercules and Zeus to Hera and Hades, Earth's Mightiest Show is here to get you up to speed on the Olympian Family Tree!



The daughter of Titans Cronus and Rhea, Hera like her older brothers and sisters were swallowed by her father in hopes of preventing the prophecy that Cronus would be overthrown by one of his children. Their youngest sibling, Zeus, eventually caused Cronus to vomit them out, and the gods defeated the Titans. Zeus courted Hera, who initially rejected his advances. When they were wed, the primordial Earth Mother Gaea gave Hera a golden apple tree, which was later relocated to her sacred orchard in the Shadow of the enslaved Titan general Atlas, where it was guarded by his daughter, the Hesperides nymphs. Although their marriage was plagued with constant bickering, Hera tolerated Zeus' frequent infidelities for the most part, but became incensed when he chose, via Athena's plotting, to conceive his personal champion with the mortal Alcmene rather than her. Athena guided Alcmene to leave her son, Alcaeus, in a spot in which Athena led Hera. Athena convinced Hera to give the foundling, her divine milk granting the boy invulnerability before he bit down on her and she hurled him away. Hera swore vengeance upon learning the truth, and Alcmene renamed the baby Heracles ("the glory of Hera"), in a vain hope of avoiding Hera's wrath.




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