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Crule was a member of the Externals, a sub-race of extremely long-lived mutants, his origins are long lost; but it is believed he emanated from the northern regions of the continent now known as Africa. Crule is known to have worked in Nazi death camps during WWII and had centuries-old animosity with fellow External Gideon. In recent years, the Externals mistakenly believed the mutant Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) was an External. Tracking Crule to Madripoor, Gideon asked him to capture Cannonball; Crule initially attacked Gideon due to their old enmity, but then agreed to find Cannonball and kill his mentor Cable (Nathan Summers). Crule and Gideon assaulted Cannon and his X-Force team, during which Crule taunted the team by revealing Gideon had already severely beaten X-Force ally Sunspot (Robert Da Costa). X-Force's Rictor blasted Crule out of an aircraft, shattering numerous bones in the miles-high fall. Defenseless in a full-body cast, Crule was abducted by X-Force, hoping to force him to lead them to the Externals. Feeling abandoned, Crule directed them to Gideon's base; after which, X-Force left Crule floating in the middle of an ocean, his cast serving as a floatation device. Later, Crule tracked Gideon to a base in Denver, where the two were confronted by Hydra agents sent to force Gideon into their ranks; Crule and Gideon attacked them. The fight was joined by SHIELD, who left with defeated Hydra agents after Gideon told them he was not going to join Hydra. When the External sorceress Selene murdered many Externals to gain power, Crule and the External Absalom believed X-Force were responsible and attacked them. Selene revealed the truth before draining Absalom and Crule's life forces, apparently killing them.




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