As the Queen of Olympia and an Eternal, Cybele is a powerful cosmic being capable of superhuman strength, teleportation and flight.



Cybele is Queen of the Eternals, supportive wife to the mighty Zuras and mother to the warrior Thena. With her inherited abilities, she defends her people and her loved ones.


Second Generation Eternal

Cybele is a second generation Eternal and marries Zuras, the ruler of the Eternals of Earth. While she is Queen and defends the Eternals against attacks, she takes more of an interest in raising their daughter Azura who is later called Thena.


Cosmic Energy

Like the other Eternals, Cybele’s bodily cells contain cosmic energy, and she maintains constant mental control over every molecule of her body. She is virtually immortal, and can be restored to life even if the molecules of her body are scattered. She possesses the capacity for superhuman strength, telepathy, flight, teleportation, illusion-casting, transmutation of organic and inorganic matter, and the generation of various forms of energy from her body, including force, heat, light, and other electromagnetic radiation.

Some Eternals have devoted themselves to specializing in a particular facet of their powers, and can increase their proficiency in one area by decreasing their power in another, though Cybele’s specialization is unclear. As an Eternal, she can participate in the Uni-Mind, a powerful psychic entity which embodies the collective power of every individual who created it. 


Deviant Opposition

Ghaur is the High Priest of the Deviants and a constant enemy to the Eternals. When Ghaur forges an alliance with the Dreaming Celestial, he attacks the Eternals and Cybele defends her kin against him.


Family Ties and Heroic Allies

Cybele and the Prime Eternal Zuras have a child and they name her Azura after her father. Though she changes her name to Thena when the Eternals broker a friendship with the Olympian gods. After losing Zuras, Cybele supports her daughter’s ascension to Prime Eternal.

When the Deviant priest Ghaur attacked the Eternals and threatened Earth, Cybele used her powers to protect her fellow Eternals and made it clear that she cared only for her daughter’s safe return from the Deviant homeworld of Lemuira. She is joined by God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, and the Avengers West Coast and they help defeat Ghaur.


Cybele’s Chronicles

After Cybele’s husband Zuras perished, she supported her daughter when she became the Prime Eternal, host to all of her father’s powers. Though when Thena falls in love with the Deviant warlord Kro, and it seems her actions go against the Eternals, Ikaris suggested that they remove her powers and Cybele stood silent as the Eternals removed her powers.

Later, Cybele with Karkas welcomed David Chatterton to Olympia who was looking to join the Eternals’ war with the Deviants’ in Lemuria. Cybele explained how Ikaris removed Thena’s power and became the Prime Eternal. As she explained further where they are and their purpose, they all hear a voice, via Thena’s crystal of contact which is paired with Kro’s crystal on Lemuria. David recognized the voice as Ghaur, high priest of the Deviants, as he boasted about capturing Thena, Sersi and Kro. They listened to Ghaur’s plans and glean important information about their fellow Eternals. Cybele teleported David to Lemuria with a monitor to locate Ikaris and a disguise that would help him pass as a Deviant. She warned him that the Deviants may detect his energy upon his arrival. 

Ikaris escaped and arrived back to Olympia without Thena and the others. Cybele questioned Ikaris about Thena’s loyalties, thinking she betrayed them for the Deviants. Once the Eternals were reunited, they resolved to stop Ghaur and protect Earth but Cybele expressed concern for her daughter over all else. Ikaris led the Eternals into forming the Uni-Mind to stop Ghaur and while Cybele and the others tried to join there were too few of them to achieve unity and Ghaur attacked. Ghaur had combined with the Dreaming Celestial making him extremely formidable. Cybele used her cosmic energy to blast Ghaur but caused little to no damage. Luckily the West Coast Avengers and Thor joined to help fight off Ghaur alongside Cybele and the Eternals. Thena returned and ordered Cybele and the other Eternals to join into the Uni-Mind and they successfully separated Ghaur from the Celestial and defeated him.

When Olympia was transported to the Negative Zone, and all the Eternals along with it, they found Blastaar who was near death. After Thena summoned energies to restore his life, he thanked them by trying to slay them all and Cybele was blown back by Blastaar’s energy blasts that disrupted their control over their physical structure. The lost Eternals reformed themselves and attacked their ungrateful charge, and found him in the presence of the Avengers and the Eternal Sersi. 

Cybele later retreated to Colorado and used her powers to shield herself from humans unless she wanted to be seen.




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