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7 Things We Learned About the Eternals

Who are the Eternals? Find out in their 1985 series, now on Marvel Unlimited.



As new Lemuria was rebuilt, Ghaur designated Kro as a puppet ruler while the priests quietly ruled behind the scenes. The two split, however, when Kro failed to retrieve the essence of the dreaming Celestial, a holy relic for the Deviants. Kro led his own faction of Deviants with Ghaur more public in his reign. During one scheme, Ghaur finally put into operation the Deviant priesthood's millenia-old plans to challenge the alien Celestials in their role in creating the Deviant race. Ghaur ultimately infused himself with the power of a Celestial. When this power was driven from him by the power of the Eternals' Uni-Mind, so was Ghaur's consciousness, and he was presumed dead, thereby allowing Kro complete rule over the Deviants. However, Ghaur later regained his physical form after being set adrift in space, and he led a faction of Deviants, at one point allying with Llyra and her Lemurians in a plot to resurrect the Elder God Set only to be slain again.

The Avengers hoped to stop the resurrection of Ghaur, but despite their help and the help of Kro, his children, and other Deviants known as Delta Force, Ghaur revived himself and once again took over leadership of Lemuria. Soon, Ghaur launched an attempt to create a Deviant equivalent of the Uni-Mind, the so-called "Anti-Mind," and captured a number of Eternals. He was stopped once more by Kro, who led a rebellion against Ghaur, and the Eternals were rescued along with the help of Thena and the Heroes for Hire.

Subsequently, the near-immortal mutant Apocalypse set off nuclear missiles at Lemuria, causing a surge in mutations. During the tumult, Ghaur's statue form was captured by the United States military, forcing Ghaur to resume his mortal form. The Eternals helped end the rampages that resulted from the incident, and in the aftermath, Kro and Ghaur formed an alliance in which Kro resumed his role as ruler, but was forced to share power uneasily with Ghaur. When the Black Panther (T’Challa) found a Deviant mother and her human-like child in Wakanda, Ghaur demanded their release, which Prince T'Challa refused. This sparked an international incident, and nearly plunged Wakanda into war with Lemuria when Klaw tricked the Wakandans into firing upon Lemuria, but T'Challa's friend Everett K. Ross eventually discerned that the child was Ghaur's daughter, and Ghaur feared the scandal that would erupt were it known he had sired such a human-like offspring. Ghaur ultimately stood down, and the mother and child were placed in the custody of the Sub-Mariner, with their deaths faked for the sake of the public.




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