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Little is known about the past of Silas Burr prior to his commanding the special Canadian Army unit the Devil’s Brigade during World War I. The unit came to count amongst its number a soldier named Logan, later the mutant adventurer Wolverine. At some point, Burr murdered a young woman that Logan was romancing and brutally beat the young soldier, gouging out one of his eyes and psychologically scarring him for decades to come.

In recent years, Burr underwent a procedure that laced his skin with the unbreakable metal Adamantium, although it is unknown if he was involved with the Weapon X program. Calling himself Cyber, he became an enforcer for a drug cartel and was sent to the island nation of Madripoor to oversee the distribution of a new hallucinogenic drug. Cyber targeted Madripoor’s leading crimelords Tyger Tiger and General Coy but was opposed by Tiger’s ally Wolverine. In the ensuing clash, Cyber lost an eye before falling into a barrel of the hallucinogen that drove him mad.

Eventually replacing his lost eye with a cybernetic one, Cyber led the mercenary Hell’s Belles group against the government-sponsored mutant team X-Factor. Cyber was next employed by the Coven cult to retrieve a mystic gem but was again opposed by Wolverine. Cyber reciprocated by attempting to steal money from Wolverine’s account with the interdimensional firm Landau, Luckman, and Lake, clashing with both Wolverine and LL&L operative Zoe Culloden. Following Wolverine to Muir Island off the coast of Scotland, Cyber fought the British super-team Excalibur but was trapped in a high security chamber.

Cyber was freed by the Dark Riders on behalf of the time-traveling villain Genesis who sought to obtain his Adamantium. Cyber met a grisly end as a swarm of mutant death watch beetles consumed his flesh, leaving only his Adamantium "skin", which Genesis melted down in order to once again bond to Wolverine's skeleton.

Recently, Cyber resurfaced in astral form. He inhabited the body of a mentally challenged man who had super strength. He then sought out the Tinkerer in order to once again be covered in adamantium. Confronting wolverine and his son, Daken, it was revealed that Cyber had not only had a hand in training Logan, but Daken as well. In the ensuing battle, Cyber collapsed due to his host having a weak heart. Logan than had the Tinkerer attach a pacemaker to Cybers adamantium skin. The pacemaker however, is coated with a radioactive substance known as carbonadium. Not only does it help Cybers heart condition, but it slowly poisons him as well.




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