Zoe Culloden

Zoe Culloden;original name unrevealedZoe Culloden



Nearly three decades ago, Chang, Expediter for the Intergalactic firm Landau, Luckman & Lake; Landau, sensed potential in a girl living under inhumane conditions in a Bucharest orphanage. Taking her as a protege, he named her "Zoe Culloden." In her adulthood she joined the firm, working with Noah DuBois, Dixon Mason, and precognitive Montgomery Burns, supervised by Gerry LeQuare. Monty foretold of the coming of the alien Messiah (S'met'kth), potential destroyer Tiamat and its potential protector Mithras. Monty eventually proclaimed mercenary "Wade Wilson" the predestined Mithras. Zoe studied Wilson's life, becoming obsessed with earning a promotion through the "Mithras Directives." Years later after Dixon became the Overboss, Monty deemed Wilson increasingly unlikely to become Mithras, and Zoe investigated. She befriended Wilson's girlfriend Vanessa Carlyse (later Copycat) and developed sympathy for the unlikely couple. When Wilson failed an assignment, his client targeted Vanessa, but Zoe saved her life. She returned to LL&L, but Monty revealed that Wilson, having contracted cancer, would leave Vanessa.




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