Dakota North

Dakota North


The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game' Developer Update #4 Shines a Spotlight on 'The Cataclysm of Kang'

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The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game' Developer Update #4 Shines a Spotlight on 'The Cataclysm of Kang'

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Dakota North is the daughter of Samuel J. North, a retired agent of an unnamed American intelligence agency. Little is known about Dakota North's early life, other than at a relatively young age she chose a career as a freelance private investigator. Her business is apparently quite successful, in that it currently supports four branch offices across the world.

Her earliest recorded case involved being hired by famous fashion designer Luke Jacobson to guard both him and his newest designs.

Her next case, which she took at the request of her father for his old friend, Major George C. Cooper, required her to guard a deadly sample of an experimental gas. However the gas, stored in a gold pen, ended up in the possession of Dakota's brother, Ricky, who had been led to Europe by a spy. Dakota followed Ricky to Switzerland where she and her brother were captured by Sheik Ibn Bheik. They managed to escape, however the gas sample was released, killing the Sheik and all of his men.

Dakota was later hired by a coalition of modeling firms to track a serial killer, dubbed "the Slasher," who had been murdering fashion models with a straight razor. This led to Dakota guarding fashion models Elyse Nelson and Mary Jane Watson. During her guard Dakota met Spider-Man and the two cracked the case, learning that Ms. Nelson was the Slasher and saving Mary Jane's life.

She was next hired by Jack Power to clear children's author Jessie Wilcox Jones of theft charges. While investigating, Dakota met the Punisher, who had been contacted by Jack's sister, Katie. Dakota, working with the other heroes, proved Jones' innocence.

Some time later, during a day of shopping, Dakota became involved in a battle between the Wasp and King-Size, an Inhuman shape-shifter, and received minor injuries.

Dakota next accepted a case for which she had to gather information on the recently relocated Luke Cage. Temporarily relocating to Chicago, she ultimately befriended Cage, helping him with a situation involving his father and brother. Before returning to New York she and Cage were recruited by the Tinkerer to rescue his son, Rick Mason, The Agent, from the Corporation, who had kidnapped him in an effort to coerce his father to work for them. When they arrived, Mason had already freed himself, and he helped the two heroes defeat the Corporation.

During the time when Malice, the former Dora Milaje once known as Nakia, sought to kill all those dear to the Black Panther, Dakota was hired by the Panther to safeguard Monica Lynne.

Most recently, Dakota has been hired by the law firm Nelson & Murdock as an investigator and bodyguard. She was recommended to Foggy Nelson by her friend Jessica Jones, who previously held the position but has had to relinquish it due to her responsibilities as a new mother.




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