As a youth Darklore was a very peaceful and scholarly individual. He acquired power from a demon in order to save his father. Years later he destroyed his entire home world, to save it from that same demon. Now homeless he wandered through life living as a mystic. Most of his adventures are only known to him and his familiar Meer'lyn. Somewhere along the line he adopted the name Darklore. As time past he became aware of a neighboring dimension known as Egolix-7 and its oppressive ruler Count Abyss. It was his hearts desire to liberate Egolix-7 and remain there living a life of leisure. Darklore and Abyss fought many battles over an unknown period of time. In the process of searching for a mystic talisman, that would aid him in his quest to liberate Egolix-7. Darklore ran into Adam Warlock, who was in a catatonic state after being defeated by the Goddess (Warlock’s expelled good side) and transported to this unknown dimension. In his attempt to revive the fallen warrior Darklore sensed that the jewel upon his head was a sentient being. The jewel revealed itself to be the Soul Gem. The Soul Gem attempted to manipulate Darklore into allowing it to bond with him. Darklore refused the gem, but was unable to stop it from placing itself upon his forehead. Warlock awoke and stopped the madness of the gem.

Once things settled down Darklore mentioned that he had been to Warlock's dimension years ago, but he would not be able to abort his quest to assist him in returning to his dimension. Darklore led Warlock to a rip in the dimensional fiber that he believed to be connected to the lost warrior. He assured Warlock that this was the solution to his dimensional travel. They parted ways, with both of them feeling that their paths would soon cross again. Darklore and Meer'lyn went on to find the Talisman and hid it in a dimension outside of Count Abyss' influence. While preparing to make their attack on the floating fortress of Abyss, Meer'lyn and Darklore were surprised by the appearance of Warlock and the Infinity Watch. The Watch was about to launch an attack on Abyss to free Maya, the last member of the Egolan's royal family. Together they magically gained access to the inner sanctum. Even though their attack was swift, Abyss easily defeated them all. Abyss wrested the Soul Gem from Warlock, in hope that it would give him the one thing that he did not have, a soul. Abyss went to visit his benefactor the Zalkor who did not know him, now that he had access to a soul. Eventually Abyss was defeated and Darklore married Maya, which made him King of Egolix-7. It is unknown if we will see King Darklore again.




185 lbs.


(Right only) Blue


White, originally black

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