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Very little is known about the past of Maya, however, she revealed that she was the last remaining member of the Royal family of Teraxtola, in the Egolix-7 dimension. It appeared that the entire realm of Egolix-7 had been conquered, and transformed into demons by the Despot Count Abyss, who was her consort. Abyss had learned of the sentient Soul Gem that was in the possession of Adam Warlock. He coveted the idea of regaining his soul, which he had traded to the Zalkor for Omnipotent power. Count Abyss planned to teleport Maya to Monster Island in the 616-Universe with a love potion and antidote. She was instructed to drink the antidote before taking the potion, although she had been deceived by Count Abyss. Upon arriving on Monster Island Maya was mistaken for a member of the Infinity Watch and knocked unconscious by the Prince of Power, Hercules, who was under the control of the evil Man-Beast. Maya's unconscious body was later discovered by Gamora, just before she was attacked by the Avengers. Warlock broke the Man-Beast's influence over the Avengers, and brought the unconscious Maya to the castle.

After regaining consciousness Maya explained her origin, which enraged the already suspicious Gamora, who lunged forward to attack Maya. Gamora's actions were met with the strange Dance of Unreality, which disrupted the balance of everyone present except Adam Warlock.Realizing that it would be best to talk to Maya alone, Warlock as the the Watch member to allow him to speak with her alone. During this time Maya manage to take the antidote and convinced Warlock to drink the potion. After drinking the potion both Warlock and Maya developed very strong feeling for each other and began kissing. Drax, Maxam and Gamora managed to pry the two of them apart. Moondragon some how was able to identify that they were under some kind of magical spell. Warlock called on the mystic Anthony Druid to reverse the spell, but he was unable to undue to other worldly magic of the Zalkor. Despite the protest of the jealous Gamora, Maya remained on Monster Island.

Abyss unleashed his demon minions on Monster Island, while the Watch was preoccupied with the demons, Abyss appeared and took Maya back to Egolix-7 as his prisoner. Being deeply enthralled by the spell Warlock quickly convinced the Watch to join him in Maya's rescue. Maya attempted suicide to prevent being used as bait, for Abyss to lure Warlock into his trap. Warlock used the Orb of Eternity to learn the whereabouts of Egolix-7, once he had the necessary information, Warlock had Pip teleport them to Egolix-7. The Infinity Watch met up with Darklore and his familiar Meer'lyn. Abyss quickly defeated them. Maya was forced to feed the prisoners, she informed Warlock that Abyss was after the Soul Gem, to restore his missing soul. Warlock and the mystic Darklore use the new information to devise a plan to defeat Abyss. Meer'lyn managed to escape and freed the others, Warlock used the Soul Gem to give Abyss the soul which he coveted, but now with the soul he was unrecognizable to the Zalkore. Darklore managed to banish Abyss to an unknown universe, restoring the inhabitants of Egolix-7 to thier original forms. Maya and Darklore later married, and ruled Egolix-7 together.





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