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Dead Head is like a true rock star with his outlandish appearance and the way he speaks, but he was all business when it came to breaking out a captive Bruce Banner from his military prison. Blasting with both barrels and a grin on his face, you wouldn't think Dead Head would hold a grudge against the Leader for "curing" him of his gamma radiation poisoning by decapitating him and placing his head atop an android body. However, like the rest of the Headshop, Dead Head was seeking revenge on the Leader for turning him into something less than human, so it must have been very disappointing when Betty Banner confirmed the Hulk's claims of the Leader's death. Dead Head's vendetta against the Leader would have to be tossed aside indefinitely.

*Note: Since these events, the Leader has been returned to life, so it remains to be seen if the Headshop will renew their plans of vengeance.









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