When Major Matt Talbot tried to do what so many before him could not do – capture the Hulk – he stood in the way of carefully conceived plans of the Headshop. Largo, posing as a police chief, attempted to save Betty Banner from Talbot's persecution, but Largo was outgunned and had no choice but to withdraw temporarily. Largo returned to help Betty escape from a medical institution, after being shot in both legs by Talbot, and brought her to meet the rest of his team. Betty thought it was a big joke, but Largo explained to her how they arrived at their current situation. Once all the members of the Headshop were totally human, but all were dying from exposure to gamma radiation. The Leader brought them to his hidden base with false claims of aiding them. Instead, he decapitated them and fixed their heads on top of android bodies. Six individuals escaped, but only Mr. Frost left the team to pursue more criminal exploits in Vegas. The remainder of the team stayed together and planned their revenge on the Leader. Feeling as if they needed the Hulk to defeat the Leader, the Headshop was ready to bust him out of the government installation holding him prisoner.

The assault began when Thunderhead used the massive firepower at his disposal to rip a hole through the several foot thick steel entryway. Headgear immediately went to work on the guards, followed by Largo, Dead Head and Headmistress. Headgear finessed the electronic lock on Banner's cell open, but things went bad when a guard threw a grenade, and Banner took the brunt of the blast. A mystery how Bruce survived, he eventually transformed into the Hulk and refused to help the Headshop. He also informed them that it was too late to exact their revenge because the Leader was already dead. Hulk violently took his leave to seek out the Leader’s old base in search of equipment that could extract the shards of metal lodged in his body. Largo found out Betty knew about the Leader's demise but kept her mouth shut because the Headshop was going to liberate her husband. This turn of events left Headmistress very sour toward Betty, but Largo told her to drop it as he took Betty home. However, Largo soon returned with Betty to his base as the Hulk claimed to be behind a series of attacks all over the world. Largo thought banner was insane, but Betty knew Bruce was only taking the blame, so all the nations of the world wouldn’t retaliate unnecessarily against each other. The real menace behind the attacks was the Leader's replacement, Omnibus, but the majority of the world never found out. The Headshop looked on in horror as Thor battled Hulk until Major Talbot ordered a nuke to be dropped on the Green Goliath's head. With the Hulk seemingly destroyed and the Leader out of the picture, the members of the Headshop are presumably still in hiding until such a time when their services might be needed once more.

*Note: Since these events, the Leader has been returned to life, so it remains to be seen if the Headshop will renew their plans of vengeance.

Base of Operations
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