Debrii (Deborah Fields)

Deborah FieldsDebrii

A low-level telekinetic magnet, Debrii joins the New Warriors as their newest recruit, creating debris storms and saving the day.


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Known for her prickly yet proud demeanor, the telekinetic magnet Deborah Fields, AKA Debrii, pulls her weight on any team.


Dramatic Debut

Deciding the New Warriors reality TV show’s demographics needed added conflict, the studio recruits the argumentative telekinetic Debrii, who joins the team in NuPonder, Minnesota. Her dramatic debut, engulfing the Warriors and their opponent Terrax in a garbage storm, inadvertently helps Terrax escape. As such, Debrii’s ordered to remain behind while the team pursues him. Unwilling to be ordered around, Debrii follows anyway. Tracking Terrax, the team learns he was a robotic simulacra controlled by the Mad Thinker’s Intellectual Robots (Einstein, Freud, Woolf and da Vinci); forming a huge humanoid shell around herself from spare robot parts, Debrii smashed through the Robots’ base, soon demolishing Einstein, da Vinci and Freud. Later, after fighting Jackson Day, AKA the Corruptor, the Warriors disbanded upon learning their show had not been picked up; Debrii does not rejoin when the Warriors reform after another network picks up the show.


Telekinetic Magnet

A low-level telekinetic magnet, Debrii can move small objects around at a limited range. Though each object must be small, she can move lots of them, create debris storms, or form a “body” of debris around herself, strong enough to smash through concrete walls. She can levitate a short distance off of the ground.


Joining Up

Debrii is known for talking about herself in the third person and being argumentative with others. Despite not getting along with others, she joins the New Warriors, the Secret Avengers, and Counter Force to fight robots, the Corruptor, a possessed Cain Marko AKA Juggernaut, an an insane KIA.


Debris Field

After the New Warriors were blamed for the Stamford disaster, a hate site publicly revealed Debrii’s identity. Following the Superhuman Registration Act’s passage, Debrii enlisted in Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America’s Secret Avengers resistance, but reluctantly registered following Cap’s surrender, joining the Initiative training program. When Initiative instructor Joseph Green, AKA Gauntlet, a regular detractor of the deceased New Warriors members, was brutally assaulted, suspicion briefly fell on the team’s survivors, including Debrii.

The former New Warriors later helped stop KIA, a murderously insane creation of the Initiative’s black ops section; most of them, including Debrii, quit to form Counter Force, dedicated to stopping further abuses of the Initiative’s power.




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