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Accepting a temporary assignment to work with the special task force Code: Blue in hopes of a promotion, Detective Inspector Curazon left his native country for a place he clearly despised. His first assignment was to psychoanalyze recent reports submitted by psychics that occasionally work with the police. Captain Conklin also gave Curazon a bio-mechanical head to investigate its origins because she said he had the best shot at figuring out what it was. The reports that poured in were from people who had dreams about a tree being poked and prodded and the coming of the end of the world. The discovery of a decimated bio-mechanical army, made of ash wood, on a city rooftop led Detective Curazon to develop a theory that tied into Norse mythology where someone was tampering with Yggdrasil, the World Tree. He was concerned for the life of the Norse God of thunder, Thor, because if what he believed was true, then someone convinced the World Tree that Thor was dead and both Asgard and the Earth was in ruin. If the World Tree believed that scenario, then it would create a new race of beings to live on the war torn world which could mean the end of all civilization. Curazon happened to be correct, but as he went in search of Thor, using a device loaned to him by the NYPD, Thor was already in the process of setting things right. Detective Curazon tracked Thor to an underground location, but he unknowingly found the Enchantress instead. Believing Thor was in trouble, he asked the woman where he was, but instead of the Enchantress allowing Curazon to meet with Thor, the obnoxious, chain smoking, British detective met his end in a most inglorious fashion when she turned him into a pile of ash. Thor, now romantically involved with his former enemy, believed her when she told him the bright flash he saw was nothing more than a trick of the light.








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