Academy Award-winning Director Chloé Zhao Sets Her Sights on ‘Eternals’

The history-making director sits down with Variety to talk about her upcoming Marvel Studios film.


The Eternals Rebooted

Never Die. Never Win. Who are the Eternals? Find out now on Marvel Unlimited.

Earth's Mightiest Show

 / S4 E19The Eternals, Explained!

Who are the Eternals and what are they up to?


The Heady History of the Eternals, the Deviants, and the Celestials

Cross the cosmos with a few classic Marvel comics!



One million years ago, the Celestials collected the Wanderers (Homo erectus) during their first Host on Earth. Gammenon the Gatherer collected the ape-men and send them to Ziran the Tester. Ziran mutated them to have an unstable genome, creating the Deviants (Homo descendus). The Deviants became a race with destabilized DNA producing various mutations, who were then released and went hiding in caves.

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