On an alternate world far from our own, the mutant dinosaur known as Devil formed a close bond with the hominid teenager called Moon-Boy. Together, they went on adventures and traveled across their planet and beyond. Devil and Moon-Boy were also frequent visitors to Earth, where they even lived in the Savage Land for a short time. Now, Devil is the full-time partner of Lunella Lafayette AKA Moon Girl!

Devil Dinosaur running through museum

Prehistoric Prelude

Many years ago, Devil was simply an ordinary T-Rex born on Dinosaur World, an alternate Earth located somewhere in the multiverse. By all appearances, Devil was no different than the other creatures like himself, at least until he was attacked and nearly killed by the Killer-Folk, a dangerous and aggressive tribe of humanoids native to his world. Devil survived his close encounter with the fire of the Killer-Folk, but it activated his latent mutant genes and transformed his skin into a bright red color.

While the rest of Devil’s family fell to the Killer-Folk’s attack, he formed a new bond with Moon-Boy, an outcast from the Small-Folk, a rival tribe who opposed the Killer-Folk. Together, Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur defended the Valley of the Flame, and inadvertently became frequent multiverse travelers when they found themselves transported to the prime universe.

Devil Dinosaur emerging from forest

After a long partnership with Devil, Moon-Boy lost his life to the Killer-Folk, who then fled to Earth through a portal. To fulfill Moon-Boy’s final request, Devil followed the Killer-Folk and soon found a new partner named Luna. Although Luna initially rejected Devil, they felt a kinship to each other and she refused to let him be caged by government officials. Now, the duo is fully bonded together as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Dino Details

For a dinosaur, Devil’s intelligence is surprisingly high. It has been estimated that Devil is either as smart as a normal human or possibly even more intelligent. Devil’s red skin is the only outward sign of his status as a mutant, but he is also extremely resistant to heat and apparently bulletproof. Devil possesses strength far beyond a typical T-Rex. Devil’s size wildly fluctuates, but it is less clear if this is an actual ability or an unexplained side effect of his mutation.

Devil’s connection to Luna was unexpectedly strengthened by the emergence of her Inhuman power. During a full moon, Luna can swap minds with Devil, putting her in control of his body while the dinosaur inhabits her human form.

Moon Girl

Ferocious Foes

The Killer-Folk were Devil’s first enemies, and remain his most hated antagonists. Aside from nearly murdering Devil himself, the Killer-Folk were responsible for the deaths of his family and Moon-Boy. Devil has a particular grudge with Thorn-Teeth, Gurf, Thok, Rachacha, and Tharg for the direct roles they played in Moon-Boy’s demise before fleeing through a portal.

Devil and Moon Girl have taken on Kid Kree and the universe eater known as the Omnipotentis, as well as a few low-level threats. Devil also followed Moon Girl’s lead during the Inhumans’ war with the X-Men, and he fought Hydra alongside his partner during the Secret Empire’s reign. Devil has previously fought the original Hulk, the Thing, and even the King of the Monsters, but he has often teamed up with his former adversaries.

Finding Friends

Moon-Boy was Devil’s first and best friend. Both Devil and Moon-Boy were mutants among their respective species, but somehow they formed a close bond that transcended their differences. It has been theorized that Moon-Boy possessed a psychic connection to Devil that allowed him to understand his partner’s thoughts and actions.

Devil Dinosaur roaring

Alongside Moon-Boy, Devil joined the Fallen Angels and briefly remained a member of that team. Devil and Moon-Boy also teamed up with Spider-Man, who helped them find a new home in the Savage Land. While living there, they were allies of Ka-Zar, Shanna the She-Devil, and Skaar.

Following Moon-Boy’s apparent demise, Devil returned to the main world and befriended Lunella Lafayette. While Luna and Devil got off to a rocky start, they are now an inseparable duo. Even when Luna found a way to reunite Devil and Moon-Boy, Devil still chose to return to Earth by her side when she eventually came back for him.









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History Lesson

By all outward appearances, Devil was simply an ordinary T-Rex born in the Valley of the Flame on Dinosaur World. When Devil was young, he and his family were attacked by the savage Killer-Folk, who nearly burned him alive. Devil’s family perished, and his skin took on its signature red hue when the heat triggered his latent mutant genes. Devil’s mutation also greatly enhanced his intelligence, which may have allowed him to bond with Moon-Boy of the Small-Folk.

Devil Dinosaur among dinosaurs

Together, the newly formed pair avenged the death of Devil’s family and went on a series of adventures together in Dinosaur World. They even managed to repel an alien attack that would have wiped out the Small-Folk, despite the way that Moon-Boy was rejected by his people. The King of the Monsters was briefly transported to the Valley of the Flame, where he met Devil in battle before teaming up with him against the Lizard People.

While Devil and Moon-Boy had prior encounters with residents of the prime universe, their first extended stay on Earth came as members of the Fallen Angels. An alien mutant named Ariel recruited them to the team, and teleported the duo from Dinosaur World to Earth. Devil and Moon-Boy felt camaraderie with their new teammates and enjoyed their time among them. However, Devil was struck with immense guilt when he accidentally stepped on and killed Don, a cybernetically-enhanced lobster who was also a member of the team. When the Fallen Angels disbanded, Devil and Moon-Boy returned to their home.

Devil and Moon-Boy had two adventures alongside Slapstick and Excalibur on Earth before they were seemingly stranded there by one of Jennifer Kale’s attempts to send Howard the Duck to his homeworld. Ghost Rider subdued the friends after they were set loose in New York City, but they were left without any way to return to Dinosaur World. Soon after, Devil and Moon-Boy were brainwashed by the Ringmaster into joining his Circus of Crime. Spider-Man was able to free the heroes from the Ringmaster’s grip, and they were subsequently given a new home in the Savage Land.

Devil quickly acclimated to the Savage Land, but his peace was shattered when the Heroes for Hire were sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to retrieve Moon-Boy for scientific study. Inexplicably, Devil had apparently laid eggs, and he reluctantly chose to protect them rather than save Moon-Boy. For several months, Moon-Boy remained a captive of S.H.I.E.L.D. while Devil became increasingly despondent over his friend’s fate.

Stegron the Dinosaur Man felt great sympathy for Devil’s plight and feared for his survival if he was not reunited with Moon-Boy. To save Devil, Stegron came to America and began attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. installations until he was taken down by a team of young heroes in the Avengers Initiative. However, when they learned why Stegron had come so far, Reptil and his team secretly broke Moon-Boy out of custody and reunited him with Devil in the Savage Land.

Some time later, Devil and Moon-Boy joined forces with Skaar and Ka-Zar when Shanna the She-Devil was possessed by the Designer, the creator of the Savage Land. They ultimately succeeded in defeating the Designer and freeing Shanna from his control. After that, Moon-Boy and Devil apparently made their way home, before once again encountering their mutual enemies, the Killer-Folk.

Moon-Boy suffered a fatal beating at the hands of the Killer-Folk, who had somehow acquired a Kree Omni-Wave Projector which they called the Nightstone. Moon-Boy’s killers fled through a portal to the Marvel Universe, while Devil reunited with his friend one last time. As his final wish, Moon-Boy asked Devil to follow the Killer-Folk and avenge his death. Devil went through the portal and emerged in modern day New York City.

During Devil’s first encounter with Lunella Lafayette, she was successfully able to lead him away from the New York Police and into a safe location. Once there, Luna revealed that she had been tracking the Omni-Wave Projector because she believed it was the only way to protect herself from the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mist and prevent her body from undergoing the unpredictable Terrigenesis. Although Luna tried to convince Devil to stay hidden, he sprung into action when she was captured by the Killer-Folk.

Devil was able to free Luna from captivity, but their activities together were broadcast on TV. This alerted Luna’s parents to her hidden superheroics, and they tried to prevent her from doing it again by harshly grounding her. Undeterred, Luna still managed to hide Devil in a secret laboratory beneath her school. That allowed them to save Luna’s classmates when a fire broke out, but Devil was subsequently blamed for the damage by Amadeus Cho, the latest hero to become a Hulk.

Devil Dinosaur and The Hulk

The new Hulk’s battle with Devil caused far more damage than the fire, and the dinosaur was injured while protecting Luna. Despite Luna’s pleas, Devil was taken into custody and his new ally was once again grounded. Although Luna’s parents attempted to dissuade her from pursuing anything beyond an ordinary childhood experience, the young genius decided to rescue Devil. For the first time, Luna put together a Super Hero costume and went into action as Moon Girl.

Devil was overjoyed to see Luna again, and he easily broke free from his cage when they inadvertently alerted the guards. Together, they made their escape from the facility and the NYPD. However, Devil refused to abandon Luna when she tried to set him free on his own path. This caused Luna to realize that they had formed their own partnership and she resolved to keep them together as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

After the Killer-Folk attacked Luna in front of her mother, she reunited with Devil in her lab and came up with a plan to confront them. Together, the newly formed team tracked down the Killer-Folk and they successfully recovered the Omni-Wave Projector. However, their victory left Luna exposed when the Terrigen Cloud unexpectedly set down and triggered her Terrigenesis. Devil took Luna’s Terrigen Cocoon back into her laboratory and kept her safe as she underwent her transformation.

Devil Dinosaur resting

A few days later, Luna emerged from Terrigenesis seemingly unchanged. But she and Devil soon faced the consequences of her absence. Luna’s parents attempted to keep her in the house at almost all times, but she still found time at night to sneak out and fight crime alongside Devil. After a month passed, Luna encountered Marvin Ellis a.k.a. Kid Kree, an alien who was undercover in her school. Marvin angered Luna, which triggered her Inhuman power for the first time. Suddenly, Devil was in control of Luna’s body while her mind was in the beast’s form.

Neither Luna nor Devil could control the mind switch, although she admitted to enjoying a chance to temporarily have a dino rampage of her own. The conflict between Kid Kree and Luna escalated until Ms. Marvel interjected, and seemingly cooled down their feud. Luna and Devil subsequently fought alongside the Inhumans during their war with the X-Men.

After a few additional adventures, Luna found a way to return Devil to Dinosaur World with just enough time to save Moon-Boy’s life. Believing that Devil truly belonged to his homeworld, Luna left him behind and returned to Earth. However, Devil’s exile didn’t last long as Luna realized how much she needed him when the Thing and the Human Torch recruited her into the Fantastic Four. Luna even made sure that Devil had his own FF uniform when they took on the Omnipotentis. Now reunited and once again on their own, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are ready to face the future together.

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