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Willis “Diamondback” Stryker is a master of the blade who leads crime operations and gangs across New York City. Growing up alongside his best friend Carl Lucas, the two led a gang together—but as Diamondback committed to a life of crime, Lucas changed his name and chose to become a hero.

In constant search of power and authority in the city underground, Diamondback suffers no fools and takes no prisoners.


Revenge-Fueled Gang Leader

Willis Stryker grew up with his best friend Carl Lucas in Harlem, New York City. Joining a local street gang at a young age, the two eventually became the group’s leaders. Fights against rival gangs, such as the Diablos, honed Willis’ knife-fighting skills.

Lucas eventually quit the gang for a more noble life as the Super Hero known as Luke Cage, but Willis’ involvement deepened, and he cut into the Syndicate’s (AKA the Maggia’s) territory. After years fighting his way in, Willis eventually won his place in the Syndicate, and received the name “Diamondback” for his speed using blades.


Expert Knife Fighter

Diamondback is an expert knife fighter, both hand-to-hand and thrown. His resident genius, Gadget, designed three special blades to use against his former friend Cage’s impenetrable skin; one that dispenses poison gas, one that emits debilitating sonic pulses, and finally, one that explodes on impact.

Diamondback fighting Luke Cage

Lost Friends

Carl Lucas, AKA Luke Cage, the Hero for Hire with unbreakable skin and super strength, grew up with Willis. But, Cage became his rival after Stryker framed him for a crime and stole his love, Reva Connors.

Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime in New York City, has competed with Stryker for territory and influence across the five boroughs ever since Diamondback emerged as a major player on the scene.


Criminal Colleagues

The Maggia are a local street gang that Diamondback once led with Lucas. Gadget is Diamondback's right-hand man, lawyer, and resident genius who makes customized blade weaponry to combat his childhood friend, now enemy, Luke Cage.

Reva Connors is a colleague of Lucas’ and the woman Diamondback woos and showers with affection. Diamondback lets his jealousy get the best of him and ultimately loses Reva, but blames Lucas for it.




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Rap Sheet

After growing up evading the law, Willis Stryker and his friend Carl Lucas rose to become street gang leaders. But the friends turned into rivals after Stryker attempted to woo Lucas’ girlfriend. At first, Willis’ money impressed Reva, but after she witnessed Syndicate heavies ambush Willis, she fled for help, returning with Lucas in time to save Willis’ life. Despite this assistance, an enraged Willis blamed Lucas when Reva dumped him; he promised to get payback on the former friend, whom he now considered a back-stabber.

Diamondback prepares to fight

As a part of his revenge, Willis stole a large amount of drugs from the gang of his rival, Cornell Cottonmouth, using it to frame Lucas, who ended up doing time in Seagate Prison. Willis then received the nickname Diamondback thanks to his impressive knife-wielding skills.

Still vengeful, Diamondback falsely promised Reva he would help Lucas with his prison ordeal. Later, when Willis’ car was forced off the road in retaliation for the theft, his passenger Reva died.

Having just escaped prison, Carl Lucas returned to New York with the name Luke Cage as a super human with impenetrable skin, and targeted Diamondback’s gang. Warned the Syndicate would drop him unless he dealt with Cage, Diamondback instructed his man Gadget to fashion him three deadly blades that could harm Cage. Diamondback lured his foe into an ambush and they battled, causing Stryker to fall through a skylight. The explosive dagger he had intended for Cage landed next to him, detonating and apparently killing him.

Diamondback later returned to continue his work selling his signature Diamond drugs. When Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil unknowingly busted up one of his establishments, a war began between the heroes and the villain. Vengeful as ever, Diamondback launched vicious attacks on Cage and his Defenders, including Cage’s wife, Jessica Jones.

Despite the vigilantes’ efforts, Stryker ventured to extend his reach across the Eastern seaboard and offered a position to Black Cat. In doing so, the crime boss accidentally led Cage straight to him. They had a bloody rematch, after which Cage collapsed. Unbeknownst to Diamondback, Black Cat—ever the unpredictable figure—dropped Cage at a Night Nurse’s location to help him heal. After he recuperated, he joined Jessica Jones and their allies to attack Diamondback at a locale called Club Ultimate. Diamondback displayed new abilities like super human strength and speed, but was injured during the fight and was forced to flee. He later ambushed Jones and the Iron Fist outside of the same club—but Jones subdued the villain before arresting him.

Diamondback fights The Defenders

He was deemed too dangerous for county lockup, so the county transferred him to a larger prison. Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher, shared a transport with him, allowing Diamondback to taunt the vigilante into a fight. This overturned the truck and helped both escape police custody.

Diamondback proceeded to Black Cat’s apartment to solidify his place as a crime lord; he attempted to kill her, though she managed to escape with her life. Diamondback then prepared for a continued assault and in an alley swallowed a few of his Diamond drugs to increase his abilities. He battled with Black Cat until the Defenders stepped in—Jones hit Diamondback with her car, but it wasn't enough, so Cage smashed him with it.

In a courthouse shortly thereafter, Diamondback’s lawyer defended him, and the judge ordered a trial. Black Cat recovered in a hospital bed but, unable to speak, could not press charges. Diamondback got out on bail. He then reported to an informant, who was none other than Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin himself, which kicked off a larger war for the New York City underground.