Doctor Vere

Doctor Vere



There is no history on the past of the mysterious Doctor Vere. He was hiding in a warehouse located in Hala City, northern radius suburb, along with Lord Zarek, they were executing a plan to cause a revolt against the Inhumans by using the Alpha Primitives as a means to return the original Houses of Kree to power.

During a raid of his supposedly hidden headquarters, Doctor Vere was confronted by Crystal and her husband Ronan the Accusser. The newly married duo had discovered that Vere and Zarek were using an Omni-Wave Generator to control the Alpha Primitives to create havoc on Hala. The intuitive Crystal realized that the evil Vere had programmed the generator to overload, with the hopes of leveling the street and making a small blow from Kree Freedom. However, his plan was foiled when Crystal used her powers to cause it to rain and short circuit the generator. Vere appeared to have died from the electrical discharge of the generator. Although, further investigation of Vere by Crystal, revealed that he was a Simulacrum Construct, created by Maximus of the Inhumans.

It is unknown if there is really an individual alive on Hala by the name of Doctor Vere.









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