Zarek is a member of the Kree race. He has no superhuman abilities or specialized weaponry, but as a blue Kree, Zarek has enhanced strength, stamina, and durability. His chief Associates are the members of the Lunatic Legion: Fer-Porr, Admiral Sro-Himm, and three unknown associates. The legion mutated and utilized the Earth operative Nitro. They also employed the robots Nimrod the Hunter, and a Living Laser replica. Both robots were programmed to believe they were Earthlings. The Living Laser replica was defeated by the Avengers, Wasp and Ant-Man. Zarek’s Lunatic Legion is distinguished from the more recent Lunatic Legion organized by the Kree Galen Kor. He is frequent commander of Ronan the Accuser.

Like so many of the blue skinned Kree, Zarek is an ideologue, exposing his unfortunately raciest views of supremacy over the pink skinned Kree. When he was in good standing with the Supreme Intelligence, Zarek served the office of Imperial Minister to the Kree government. Under his leadership the Kree engaged in significant conflicts with the Shi’ar and the Brood. They were stymied when the Earth heroes known as the Fantastic Four drove off their Intergalactic Sentry and Ronan the Accuser as well.

Forming a conspiracy with Ronan, Zarek schemed to build up Captain Marvel as a hero, so that they could brand him as a traitor. This scheme would cause a scandal that would overthrow the Supreme Intelligence. Mar-Vell was assigned to Earth to spy on its in habitants. This plot was to obtain revenge upon the Earth on behalf of his people, but Mar-Vell came to love the Earthlings. He accepted Earth as his second home. When Ronan and Zarek finally enacted their plan, Mar-Vell opposed them, and Supreme Intelligence turned out to have been aware of their conspiracy all along. Ronan and Zarek made a desperate attempt to assassinate the Supreme Intelligence with an anti matter bomb. Mar-Vell attempted to sacrifice himself to shield his ruler, but the Supreme Intelligence had already deactivated the bomb. Mar-Vell’s selfless actions won his acclaim. Zarek, who sought safety fled into exile.

Zarek and other blue skinned Kree relocated to the Earth’s moon, where they established the Lunatic Legion. It was an organization whose goal was to regain blue supremacy in the Empire. Zarek managed to gain Uatu the Watcher as an ally. Zarek intended for all like minded blue Kree to join the Lunatic Legion in the Blue Area of the Moon. The Supreme Intelligence seemingly supported their goals, but only to further his own agenda to sharpen Mar-Vell into a fine warrior. The Supreme Intelligence believed that the Lunatic Legion’s defeat would serve in that capacity. The Legion's plan eventually failed and Uatu was taken back to Watcherworld for trail, by his fellow Watchers. He was charged for violating their code of non-interference of cosmic events.

Zarek’s continued exile spared him from the near destruction of the Kree Empire at the hands of the Shi’ar. He was last seen on the planet of Godthab Omega in the company of the being known as Quantum. It is believed that they were enthralled by the power of Glorian the apprentice Shaper of Worlds. Whether he escaped from Godthab Omega when it was besieged by the Annihilation Wave is unknown.

Zarek’s whereabouts remained unknown throughout the cosmic conflict known as the War of Kings. This war pitted a united front of the Kree and Inhumans led by king Black Bolt against the vaulted Shi’ar led by the ferocious mutant emperor Vulcan. After the allege deaths of both kings, which concluded the war and Queen Medusa took the reign as sovereign of both races. Unknown to her and the royal family, Zarek along with the mysterious Doctor Vere sought to return the original Houses of the Kree to power by using easily manipulated Alpha Primitives into a massive berserk revolt.




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