Doyle Dormammu

Doyle Dormammu

The teenager Doyle Dormammu takes after his father, the Dread Dormammu, in his appearance and mystical abilities, but he has yet to prove whether he is like him in other ways.


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Hailing from the Dark Dimension and illegitimate son to its ruler Dormammu, Doyle Dormammu shares a physical likeness to his father, but has yet to show any other similarities to the greatest mystical threat in the Marvel Universe.


Dark Dimension

Doyle Dormammu is the illegitimate son of the Dread Dormammu. When he becomes a teenager, he is invited to attend the Strange Academy—a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those mystically-inclined. On orientation day, he is attacked by another student, Iric Brorson of Asgard. Doyle calls him judgmental but greets him with the same show of power. They are stopped by one of the school’s teachers, Doctor Voodoo who warns that they could be expelled for their behavior. On the tour of the grounds, Doyle finds out his roommate is Iric and is not happy about it.


Inherited Abilities

Doyle possesses all the powers of his father, Dormammu. Able to summon cosmic winds and project dark dimension energy from his hands, Doyle can pack a powerful punch.


Schoolyard Bullies

So far, Doyle has made at least one enemy at his new school, Strange Academy, the judgmental Asgardian twin Iric . Upon first meeting, Iric cast a powerful magical attack against Doyle, to which Doyle returned in kind. He finds out later that Iric is his roommate, and neither of them are pleased about it. They often disparage each other.


Magical Allies

So far at Strange Academy, despite Iric being a bully, Doyle and Iric have to become allies when they get sent to Hell after being disruptive in Illyana Rasputina, AKA Magik, and Daimon Hellstrom, AKA Hellstorm’s class.


Doyle Dormammu’s Tale

When the Strange Academy tour seemed to be wrapping up, Doyle asked about whether the Sorcerer Supreme, Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, would be teaching at the school with his namesake. The answer came swiftly with Doctor Strange’s showy arrival and a battle against a creature which required the student’s assistance. Doyle blasts the creature with his energy projecting fiercely from his arms as his head blazes with fire, and deflects an insult from Iric while delivering one back.

On the first day of school, Doyle attended his third period with teacher Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch. While fellow student Emily Bright performed magic that impressed Scarlet Witch, she reminded Doyle to study the Elements of Chaos Magic textbook more carefully. In fifth period, he learned a tough lesson from his teacher Magik, that the person next to you could be the only thing standing between you and death—she specifically referred to Iric who arrived late to class, and whom she sent to Hell as punishment. After Doyle laughed and made rude comments about Iric, Magik sent him to the same Hell where the two students battled a winged beast and were forced to work together to escape. It takes them all day, but through their name-calling and teamwork, they made it out.