Araña is a teenage girl from Brooklyn whose father is an investigative reporter. On one fateful night, she went to a bridge to fight a boy from her school. When she got there, a fight between the Sisterhood of the Wasps and the Spider Society left her fatally injured. Miguel, the Spider Society's sorcerer, was forced to transfer some of his power to her to save her life, and after the transfer she received a spider-shaped tattoo which gave her enhanced strength and agility. It also presumably gave her an exoskeleton. Araña and Miguel shared several adventures together as the Mage-Hunter team for the Spider Society, preventing the Wasps from summoning their chosen warrior.

Recently, Araña learned that she is not a true Hunter. No Hunter before her has ever had an exoskeleton like hers. In a battle in which the Sisterhood again attempted to summon their Hunter, Miguel was killed (despite Spider-Man|Spider-Man's assistance). Araña released and transferred the power of the Hunter to Spider Society member Nina Smith, yet Anya retained many of her superhuman abilities.

Even though she has quit WebCorps, she insisted on fighting for the greater good. She is currently in training as a Civil War|registered super-hero under the tutelage of Ms. Marvel.




130 lbs.





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