Egg (Fabio Medina)

Fabio MedinaEgg

With the power to produce a limitless number of golden eggs from his body at will, the mutant Egg uses his ability defensively and to help resurrect mutants.



With the power to summon and project gold eggs out of his body, Fabio Medina joins the X-Men alongside a handful of new mutants. In a short amount of time, Fabio’s attacked by Sentinels, travels to a hell dimension, quits the X-Men, and loses control over his powers in front of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He becomes known as Egg.


Golden Eggs

Raised by his father and mother, Gloria Medina, and alongside his sister Jennifer and their Aunt Maria, Fabio grows up and lives in San Diego, California.

When Fabio’s mutant powers present themselves, it is a defensive reaction to protecting himself against a robber. The San Diego police come upon him, and as Fabio appears to be projecting balls (actually unviable eggs) from his body, they attempt to arrest him. The Uncanny X-Men’s leader Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and his team of mutant revolutionaries are the first to come to his aid. Though Sentinels attack, Cyclops’s team defeats the robotic squad and takes Fabio to a safer location, back to the new Xavier School for the Gifted. Despite missing his family, he joins the X-Men. Still in disbelief that he’s a mutant and, Cyclops explains to him and the other recruits, that they are the first new mutants to emerge in years.

Joining the X-Men and his fellow new mutant students, he visits Eva Bell, AKA Tempus’s home. While there, the Avengers arrive to detain Cyclops and Emma Frost regarding the death of Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, but Tempus freezes the Avengers in time when they launch an attack. Shortly after that, Dormammu attacks and transports them to limbo, AKA Otherplace, a demonic dimension. When Fabio and the others escape limbo, Fabio demands to see his family. He returns to his family’s home in Logan Heights to explain his disappearance, and while his family is relieved to see him, his mother believes the X-Men to be terrorists. Plus, the whole family struggles with the news that he is also a mutant, and their reactions cause Fabio to lose control of his powers. Alison Blaire, AKA Dazzler, now an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., arrives to question him about Cyclops’s location. She takes him to a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base for questioning that is until Cyclops and his team liberate him. He then helps defeat the Blockbuster Sentinel with his powers and takes the codename Goldballs. 


Sure as Eggs

Fabio’s mutant ability enables him to generate and project gold-hued balls from his body. He uses his ability as a defensive weapon. After his powers manifest, he has difficulty controlling their frequency, number, speed, size, and range. The eggs can bounce and make a ”Poink” sound when they hit something. With concentration, he can direct them with more accuracy. Fabio can reabsorb his gold eggs into his body, and while calm, can make them disappear.

Though Fabio’s sphere generation is more than meets the eye. His spheres turn out to be unviable eggs with vast genetic potential. When Fabio joins with four other mutants, Kevin MacTaggert, AKA Proteus, Joshua Foley, AKA Elixir, Eva Bell, AKA Tempus, and Hope Summers, he combines his power with theirs to resurrect dead mutants. When Fabio combines his eggs with Proteus's energy—a little warp of reality—the eggs become viable. The eggs are then injected with preserved DNA of a mutant and then the life-giver Elixir kickstarts the process of cellular replication. The time-controlling Tempus then speeds up the incubation process as Hope's power of mutant synergy enables the group to operate at their peak and in unison. This process transforms the eggs into pods that can produce cloned mutant bodies. Following this process, Xavier uses Cerebro to copy and record the minds and essence of mutants and then put them into the new cloned bodies.


Bad Eggs

During an attack by Lord Dormammu, Fabio and the rest of the X-Men get swept into the demonic hellscape limbo, a dimension in between dimensions. Fabio quits the X-Men but defends himself from any demon that dares attack. He launches his gold eggs, taking out as many demons as he can. 

Fabio goes up against Hammerhead to protect Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man. He launches a wrecking ball sized-egg at the crime boss, which knocks him out.


Good Eggs

When Fabio's mutant powers manifest, Cyclops welcomes him into the mutant community and his revolutionary X-Men. Composed of mutant veterans Emma Frost and Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto, and the sorceress Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik, Cyclops's team recruits new mutants to their cause. They, alongside their recruits Eva Bell, AKA Tempus, and healer Christopher Muse, help liberate Fabio from some bigoted cops, and he joins their team.

When Fabio attends Brooklyn Visions Academy, he becomes close friends with Ganke Lee and Miles Morales who trusts him with his secret web-slinging identity.


Breaking Eggs

Later, under Magik and Katherine “Kitty” Pryde, AKA Kate Pryde’s guidance, Fabio and his teammates felt uncertain about whether to stay at the school. Fabio then attended the Brooklyn Visions Academy for a time with Miles and Ganke Lee in New York. During this time, he saves Spider-Man from a brutal attack by Hammerhead. When Fabio talks to his crush Lana Baumgartner, AKA Bombshell, about it, she reveals she’s in love with Spider-Man to his disappointment, which caused him to leave the next day with no word or warning to his friends. He returned later, acting dodgy and unintentionally flung balls at Miles. When Miles prompted him about his whereabouts, Fabio revealed what he learned about Lana’s feelings. Miles, dating Barbara Rodriguez at the time, kept questioning why Fabio was acting so strange. Fabio admitted he had feelings for Lana, and the pair reconciled. 

After the creation of Krakoa, a sovereign nation-state for mutants, Fabio joined his kind there and learned more about his gold balls, which turned out to be unviable eggs. With this new knowledge, he added his power to the abilities of four other X-Men, who can all together resurrect fallen mutants and restore the mutant race. In doing so, they become revered and known as The Five. Fabio then takes the codename Egg.



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