Dazzler's light powers in action.

Alison BlaireDazzler

Alison Blaire constantly struggles to balance her life as a singer and a Super Hero. In her search for the perfect life she's joined the X-Men, Excalibur, and even S.H.I.E.L.D.!


DAZZLER #1 cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson


Dazzler Lights Up the World in New Solo Comic Book Series

Set in the X-Men's upcoming From the Ashes era, mutant icon Dazzler stars in an all-new solo comic book series by Jason Loo and Rafael Loureiro.

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Her strict father Judge Carter Blaire wanted Alison to follow him into the field of law, and did not understand her desire to sing. With her mother supposedly dead, young Alison had an ally in her Grandma Bella who sympathized both with the teen girl as well as her widower father.

Bella helped convince Carter that Alison could attend a junior high dance that also featured a talent show. Ali got up on stage and her light powers manifested to the delight of the kids who dug the far-out light show! That same night she also realized that she could use her powers to blast people like the gang members that decided to crash the dance. All that light blinded everyone in the place, so they didn't think it came from a kid.

Alison finished junior high and then high school all the while working on both her music and her powers. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from her pre-law program, though, she broke the news to her father that she intended to focus on her singing instead of following his dreams. Mad, he walked off and she moved to New York City.


A mutant, Alison Blaire can manipulate sound into light. The louder the source, the more powerful the output. This can manifest in a variety of different ways. She began by creating her own light shows, but learned that she could blind people with it. Over the years, she figured out how to create holograms and other distractions, plus hard light constructs that can be used as weapons. She can also shoot bursts of light out of her fingers, hands, eyes, and other parts.

Between her X-Men training and her years fighting for survival on Earth and the Mojoverse, Blaire also become a formidable fighter. Even when she loses, though, she seems to have a knack for coming back from the brink of death.

Full History

Alison Blaire's initial outing as Dazzler didn't exactly go as planned. Thanks to a ping on the mutant-finding machine known as Cerebro, X-Men Cyclops, Phoenix, and Nightcrawler showed up at the underground club she debuted at. She came out strong, using her impressive pipes and light powers, but the show could go on no longer when armored Hellfire Club soldiers attacked. Blaire used her powers to create such an intense light burst that her attacker's brain shut down!

After the other mutants dealt with the rest of the Hellfire Clubbers, Dazzler agreed to go with them to save their teammates from the same organization and also help out fellow new mutant, Kitty Pryde. After helping out on that mission, Dazzler thanked Professor Charles Xavier for his offer to join the team, but said she preferred the thrill of performing over that of battle. But, before her next gig at the Hellfire Club she met a time traveling Iron Man and helped him save the future!

Even so, she still found herself sucked into the world of Super Heroes on more than a few occasions. One time, Johnny Storm happened into the Discoteque Infinity where she was scheduled to perform and threatened a guy that was harassing her before she went on. They hit it off pretty well, but the Human Torch had to fly off in response to an emergency flair from his teammates. Around the same time, the Lightmaster used her as a kind of power source to bring himself back to life. The villain then managed to control Dazzler for a time, making her attack Spider-Man for a while until the Web-Head figured out a way to get her back to normal.

A Solo Artist

Dazzler's adventures carried on. Spider-Man happened to be swinging by when she took on some of her crooked manager's goons in an alley. Her regular life proved a bit less exciting as she was a few months behind on the rent of her sixth floor walk-up in New York City. Struggling in every way, she phoned the X-Men, but when Storm asked if she was ready to give up singing, Blaire didn't know the answer and ended the call.

While planning to reassess her decisions after spending some time with friends in the country, fellow mutant, Beast showed up with an article about a local disco called Numero Uno needing a singer. Her audition went so well that Dazzler even managed to beat out the Enchantress for the spot! On the down side, Blaire made a mean enemy in the Asgardian witch who would attempt revenge shortly after.

From there Dazzler's singing and hero careers went to new levels. Along the way she reunited with Johnny Storm, met his Fantastic Four teammates, fought Doctor Doom and joined forces with Spider-Man again. She even responded to Moondragon's call for new Avengers, but got out of there as soon as she could.

Dazzler also teamed-up with the likes of Quasar, briefly served as Galactus' herald, fought Terrax, dealt with the then-villainous Rogue trying to kill her and turned herself in for the assumed murder of Klaw, having converted his sound energy into light. The courts found her not guilty, allowing Blaire to return to her life of heroics and performing. After more encounters with folks like She-Hulk, Angel (who she began a brief fling with), Doctor Octopus, Absorbing Man and more.

Family Matters

Alison found her life getting even more complicated when she discovered that her mother Katherine was actually still alive and living as Barbara London and that she had a half-sister named Lois. Matters worsened when Lois London discovered her own mutant powers which could kill a person with but a touch. Having accidentally murdered a man who approached her, Lois needed help and ran to Ali. Blaire responded by packing them both up and moving out to Hollywood.

After releasing a hit album called "Sounds of Light and Fury," Ali found herself working a series of interesting gigs ranging from a music video star to one of Millie's Models and a roller derby all-star. However, when she decided to come out as a mutant publicly, the backlash ruined her career. Beast made a journey to Lala Land in an effort to check in on Dazzler. The pair shared a connection, but went their separate ways after a complicated time together that involved a group called The Gladiators.

Love Is A Battle Field

Unable to find work as a headliner because of anti-mutant sentiments, Blaire took smaller gigs like the one as a session singer for Lila Cheney, inter-galactic rock star and friend of the New Mutants. Ali happened to be around when the New Mutants found themselves split up thanks to The Gladiators. Alison returned to the Gladiators to help the New Mutants get their friends back. She even found herself drawn to the howls of approval while performing on their stage, but decided to help the young heroes bring the group down!

Dazzler also found herself thrust directly into the Beyonder's orbit during SECRET WARS II when he brought her to his space apartment in his attempt to understand love. She was interested, but became less so when she realized he was just too powerful. However, she did try and defend him when the Avengers seemingly attacked Beyonder out of nowhere.

Even after experiencing cosmic awareness, Blaire rebuked Beyonder's advances which led to a brief flirtation with death that ended when the powerful entity brought her back. He briefly controlled her mind into believing she loved him, but then released her.

Banding Together

Still trying to make it work as a musician, Alison died her hair black and went on tour as a keyboard player for Lila Cheney's band. When their plane crashed, she managed to cut a hole through the wreckage to get everyone to safety. After the accident, the band carried on, though Ali found herself feeling less and less satisfied with her supporting role in the band. One day, Malice slipped into her mind and pushed her to embrace her desire to return to the spotlight.

After taking over one of Lila's shows, Blaire stormed off and started performing at a club in Denver where she used her powers to bolster the yuppie crowd's negative emotions. Wolverine, Storm, Rogue (now a hero), and Psylocke showed up to warn her about the Marauders during the Mutant Massacre only to find her whipping the crowd into a near-frenzy. Malice made Dazzler attack her fellow mutants before hopping into their bodies. Ali helped the X-Men take care of Malice and then accepted their offer, finally joining the team herself.

Dazzler joined the team just in time to see the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom fight over saving Kitty Pryde, mix it up with the Avengers and the Soviet Super Heroes over Magneto during a time when he served with the X-Men and even face Mephisto.

When not taking on world-shaking threats, Dazzler spent her days on Muir Island training and getting to know her new teammates Rogue, Longshot, Banshee, and Psylocke. She felt closer to them when they helped her out after she fought Juggernaut solo and collapsed in the process. Altogether, they stopped Cain Marko in the middle of his rampage! The team, joined by Wolverine, also stopped the Marauders from taking Madelyne Pryor. Dazzler even took out a Malice-possessed Polaris on her own! Along the way, she also grew especially fond of Longshot and the two became an item.

Outback To Basics

During an event dubbed “The Fall of the Mutants,” Dazzler and her team fought a demon called the Adversary who Forge accidentally unleashed years prior. To stop it, the mutant shaman performed the same spell using the souls of the X-Men to banish their foe, killing them all in the process. However, a deity called Roma took pity on the mutants and returned them to life. As further reward, she made it so they would not show up on surveillance equipment and also gave them the Siege Perilous, a mystical artifact that judged the value of the souls of those who pass through.

After Dazzler helped her old friend O.Z. out of a jam, she and the other X-Men fought the Reavers, sent the captured ones through the Siege Perilous and then set up shop in their old digs in the Australian outback near the Aboriginal teleporter known as Gateway. Ali struggled with the fact that they had to keep their families in the dark about their survival paired with the total lack of fun in the outback. Still, she and the team kept busy by fending off a Brood invasion, infiltrating the Magistrates to save their kidnapped brethren, and fighting in the Evolutionary War.

She Didn't Start The Fire

During Inferno—a time when demons N'astirh and S'ym attempted to bring hell to Earth by creating a permanent bridge between our reality and LimboMadelyne Pryor drove Dazzler and her teammates to kill the Marauders in exchange for her missing son Nathan. Still under her thrall, they also mixed it up with the X-Factor team until they overcame N'astirh. During the final battle, the wildly powerful Pryor manipulated Dazzler and Longshot into taking Archangel out. Before long, they got ahold of themselves, though and pitched in to bring the Goblin Queen down. Afterwards Dazzler helped clean up the messes left by the Marauders and Mister Sinister.

After facing such hellish forces, Dazzler, Storm, Rogue and Psylocke had Gateway teleport them to the Hollywood Mall to blow off some steam. There, they met a brand new mutant by the name of Jubilation Lee who would soon join the team as Jubilee. Later, Ali glanced into the Siege Perilous and got a glimpse of her other lives, ones where she was a huge star or a mother or a homeless person. Each one ended with brutal death, but she couldn't dwell on that long as Master Mold attacked. Though it seemed like nothing could stop the super-Sentinel, Blaire used the Siege Perilous to open a portal, but when she blasted the robot through the opening, she also sent Rogue careening through!

An Unexpected Detour

After a particularly tough mission against Zaladane in the Savage Land, Gateway brought the whole squad back to their Australian home where the Lady Deathstrike-led Reavers waited for them. Before the nasties could attack, though, the four remaining teammates—Dazzler, Colossus, Psylocke and Havok—discussed using the Siege Perilous to call this incarnation of the X-Men quits. They all decided to go through and see where they wound up.

In Alison's case, she literally washed up on a beach in Malibu where Lila Cheney's bodyguard Guido (later known as Strong Guy) found her wrapped up in a pile of seaweed. Though she recovered, Alison remembered absolutely nothing about her former life. Around the same time a wunderkind director named Fred Stanacheck purchased the film rights to the "Dazzler" film Alison shot during her time in Tinsel Town, but he couldn't get a major studio to pay for the restoration. Alison and Fred happened to meet at a party and hit it off. Instead of keeping a low profile, though, the media found out about Dazzler's return when she stopped an attack at the jazz club she and Fred went to.

The news brought the attention of obsessed lunatic Eric Beale who tried assassinating Blaire, but failed repeatedly. At the same time, the studio showed renewed interest in Ali's life and agreed to update and release the film! At the premiere, she finally put an end to Beale's attacks with compassion.

Mojo Rising

Alison continued hanging out in Lila's beach house until Longshot teleported back into her life. She still didn't remember him, but found herself thrust into some extra-dimensional craziness when she, Lila and Longshot wound up in the Mojoverse. There, she helped him fight against Mojo's mighty forces, but when Longshot got captured she went back to her home world to ask the X-Men for help. There, Mojo and his minions attacked, bringing everyone back to the M-Verse. Blaire explained that fighting alongside her boyfriend had brought back a lot of her memories.

Having been tossed away from the battle, Dazzler woke up with Mojo II: The Sequel, a freedom fighter who wanted to end his namesake's reign. Dazzler managed to get close to Mojo again and attacked, which broke Longshot from his own Mojo-made mind control. After the victory, Professor X revealed that Alison was pregnant! However, when she appeared later on to offer the X-Babies a chance to live with her and Longshot, Jean Grey no longer sensed another life in her.

It was later revealed that Blaire did, in fact, carry the child to term and gave birth. While traveling through time, Rictor and Shatterstar of X-Factor actually witnessed and assisted in the event. However, while Alison slept, 'Star revealed that he needed to erase both Dazzler and Longshot's memories of the baby and drop him off 100 years in the future because the baby was actually Shatterstar!

Rebel Yell

While still in the Mojoverse, Longshot took over as the temporary leader, but many other factions were still vying for the top seat, including Mojo II. When he tried using Wolverine to rejuvenate the entertainment industry, Dazzler and Longshot jumped in to help their friend.

In the midst of the prophesied 100-Year War Mojo captured Cable and Shatterstar. While Longshot traveled to Earth to get help from X-Force, Dazzler remained in the Mojoverse to continue fighting the war. The combined efforts of the resistance and X-Force managed to stop Mojo's plans and even trapped him between Earth and his home reality when he tried to transmit himself from one to the other.

Dazzler returned to her home reality broken and battered after Mojo's X-Baby versions of the villains from the AGE OF APOCALYPSE world got out of control and destroyed huge portions of Mojoworld and maybe even killed Longshot. However, Jean Grey and the cobbled-together team she led had to save Professor X from Magneto first, so Dazzler accompanied them on that mission. Enraged at what the Master of Magnetism had done to Xavier, Alison unleashed a huge energy force on him, but he used her attack against her, seemingly killing her in the process. That, however, turned out to be part of Jean's plan to make Magneto think he'd killed Blaire so that she could take Xavier's place and Grey could free their mentor.

The British Invasion

Instead of finding a way back to the Mojoverse, Dazzler decided to focus on her music career again and moved to England to get in on the electronic music scene. Performing in her disco get-up, she had to deal with unenthusiastic audiences, low pay, scenesters, slimy club owners and, worst of all, evil versions of the original X-Men who seemed to want to kill her! She could have ended up in the ground had the soon-to-be members of the new Excalibur not shown up to investigate.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Captain Britain, Kitty Pryde, and Rachel Summers, Blaire returned to the land of the living. Before even officially becoming a team, Dazzler and the others faced the Shadow King-created Shadow-X versions of Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, Angel and Professor X.

After that, the team really began to form as Dazzler worked with Pete Wisdom, Sage, Nocturne, Rachel Summers, a reformed Juggernaut, Kitty Pryde and Captain Britain to create the new Excalibur around the same time that the mutant population found itself decimated to around 200 members. Dazzler and Nocturne—Nightcrawler's daughter from another dimension—got along because of their shared loves of music, motorcycles and performing. She also built a unique friendship with Cain Marko, who had always been a huge Dazzler fan, even when they fought soon after she joined the X-Men.

As a team Dazzler and Excalibur fought the Warwolves, Black Air, Black Tom Cassidy, Shadow King and even traveled back in time to help save Camelot from alien dragons. Alison particularly enjoyed this adventure as she loved the stories of the Round Table in her youth. She even got to perform for King Arthur, Merlin and company!

Blaire even began performing in much classier establishments where she met an A&R man from Vestal Records who wanted to make a demo with her, but she turned it down, wanting to solely focus her musical ambitions on performing live. However, while on a mission to help Juggernaut deal with the Gem of Cyttorak, Nocturne yelled at her for being a fame junkie who fed off of Cain's infatuation with her and not clearly telling him nothing was ever going to happen between them. Ali let all that go after Nocturne had a stroke, focusing on getting her friend and teammates better instead of dwelling on words once said.

Reunion Tour

After finally taking out the combined forces of Black Air, Lionheart, Shadow-X and Albion, the team had a party where things between Alison and Pete Wisdom got pretty hot and heavy... that is until Rouge-Mort shot Captain Britain in the chest. Brian's sister Psylocke, then with the Exiles, transported her bleeding brother to her team's HQ, the Crystal Palace. Ali was surprised to see Longshot there and shocked to find out he had no memory of her. She was so devastated that she considered suicide.

Later, while her teammates fought James Jaspers, Ali held off Rouge-Mort from killing the already-wounded Roma. When Longshot showed up and seemed to remember her, though, Blaire became distracted and her opponent knocked both her and her love out. After they both regained consciousness, it seemed like Longshot was on the road to remembering his life with Dazzler.

X-Ile On Mutant Street

Things wound up not working out between the still foggy Longshot and Dazzler. She decided to leave not just him, but also England altogether in favor of Utopia, the mutant-centric island off the coast of San Francisco that Cyclops and company had set up. On the flight over she got into it with Man Mountain Marko and that was just the beginning of her troubles! Then again, what would you expect from an X-Person?

Reunited with her original team, she tried to cheer up Pixie after she got beat up by the Hellfire Cult and even fought the Skulls during their Secret Invasion. She also began performing in the Mission District, but a night out with Pixie and Northstar got tricky when the Sisterhood attacked and they were unprepared to defend themselves properly. Dazzler accompanied Emma Frost and other X-Women to take out the Sisterhood and save Psylocke.

Welcome To Her Nightmares

On Utopia, Ali fought the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men, witnessed Magneto's turn towards good and even had a nice reunion with Longshot. Things got much darker when Selene used the Technarch transmode virus to bring mutants back from the dead after surrounding herself with an Inner Circle that included Dazzler's sister Mortis! Though she didn't accompany X-Force when they took care of Selene, Dazzler did have a heartbreaking battle with her sister, who said she now hated her.

After the events of Necrosha, Alison tried tracking Lois down, but wound up in one of Arcade's murder traps on Mortis' behest. Lois stepped up the attack by also bringing in Klaw to take on the woman who took him out all those years ago. After defeating Klaw and her sister, Ali brought the comatose Mortis back to Utopia and called their mother to explain what happened.

The horrors continued for Blaire as she fought vampires during “Curse of the Mutants” and returned to Limbo. That latter adventure took place after Cable and Hope returned from their travels through time. When Magik went to pick them up, along with a team, she got zapped back to Limbo. Ali agreed to go find her alongside Pixie, Anole, Gambit, Cannonball, Northstar and Trance. While fighting off a horde of demons, Dazzler and Northstar fell victim to the Death entity that had taken over Gambit's body. After Magik and Pixie purged the being from Gambit, Blaire regained herself and they all went back home.

The X-Men took a huge hit when Wolverine left the group after Cyclops called upon teen mutants to defend Utopia from Sentinels. Most of the mutants either chose a side or bailed completely. Dazzler decided to stick with Scott, especially after he offered her a San Francisco-based gig leading the San Francisco-based Street squad alongside Boom-Boom and Lifeguard.

Touring The Multiverse

Everything changed once again for Dazzler when she answered Cyclops' call to help open the Ghost Box. Succeeding, Ali found herself thrown together with alternate reality versions of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Professor X and Emma Frost on a mission to take out evil Charles Xavier’s from different realities. First up, they landed on a Bronze Age world where mutants lived as gods. Unwilling to bow to them, Blaire showed them some real power when she handled their attacks and would have done more, had Emmeline Summers-Frost not stopped her. Later, she moved their leader Storm to such an emotional state with her singing that the weather goddess ordered the deaths of the interlopers!

Storm and her fellow gods turned out to be controlled by an evil Professor X who Dazzler helped stop. When Emmeline decided to stay on this world, Dazzler became the leader of these dimension-hopping X-Men, though their Professor X still called many of the shots. She led them on missions to a Steampunk Wild West world and the robot-run reality of her teammate young Kurt Waggoner where she and James Howlett saved the boy, but Ali also reunited with her former Excalibur teammate Sage. She also battled the Brood and fought a hardened version of herself for the job of leading the expanding group which grew to include Hercules and a Civil War-era Cyclops.

After defeating the Witch King Xavier, the alterna-Dazzler turned into light and faded away, but Ali picked up her gear and wore it on the last of her team's missions against a Nazi Professor X. After that victory, their Professor X told them they were done, but a quick count revealed that they'd missed one. When Blaire confronted their Charles, she discovered that he had unwittingly joined forces with two other evil Charlies! The team stopped them and saved their Xavier just before reality hopping became hazardous to everyone's health.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

After saving their Charles from the others, Dazzler's team wound up in the AGE OF APOCALYPSE world in time to see energy-consuming monsters set free by so many different individuals and teams traveling from dimension to dimension with relative ease. Stuck on the “AoA” world, Dazzler worked with others to find and restart the Apocalypse See, but thanks to multiple rounds of deception, it wound up in the duplicitous paws of Dark Beast.

Eventually, Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey took the power of Apocalypse into herself and became insanely powerful. Dazzler demanded to find another way when she heard that the plan involved sending everyone else back to their home universes and keeping the energy-eating monsters in the Age of Apocalypse reality as a prison. Still, she allowed herself to return to her reality where AoA Nightcrawler shut the portal between dimensions. Impressed with her abilities, Wolverine offered Dazzler a place at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but Ali asked for time to think on it.

Get Mystique

When Maria Hill began a mutant task force within S.H.I.E.L.D. to better understand what it was the Cyclops wanted when he called for revolution or to what extent Magneto truly stood on the side of the angels, she turned to Dazzler. Ali's first mission involved finding out where Summers and his crew were located by interrogating Gold Balls, but the man himself showed up with his fellow X-Men to take the new mutant with them. After being chastised by them for betraying mutant kind, Blaire got drugged and replaced by Mystique! Raven Darkholme not only took Dazzler's place in S.H.I.E.L.D., but also used her unconscious form to grow and extract Mutant Growth Hormone in Madripoor.

Magneto accidentally discovered all this while tracking down the MGH-addicted Blob. He brought her back to Cyclops' New Xavier School after promising Alison that he would help her exact vengeance. After the immediate threat of war with S.H.I.E.L.D. came to an end, Dazzler quit and rededicated herself to Cyclops' group.

In a fit of rage after realizing that Mystique was all but untraceable, Blaire lopped off her hair and her costume. Shortly after, all of the X-Men from both sides got together for the reading of Charles Xavier's will after Cyclops killed him. This gave old flames Dazzler and Beast a moment to reconnect, though it was especially awkward after discovering that Xavier had married Mystique.

Still wanting the shape-shifter, Dazzler made a deal with Maria Hill: if she brought Mystique in, Hill would erase the records of everyone at the New Xavier school from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s records. With the okay, Blaire worked with Cyclops' team to capture and turn Mystique in. To celebrate, she got out there and sang in public for the first time in a while.

Wars, What Are They Good For?

During the reality-warping SECRET WARS, a version of Dazzler lived on an island called Arcadia with other super-powered women working together as A-Force. When reality got reset, a few holdovers remained like Singularity, who knew Dazzler and her teammates, but they had no memory of her. Still, Dazzler, Medusa, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Nico Minoru banded together with Singularity to stop Antimatter.

When the others caught up with Blaire, she'd been playing roller derby in Miami while figuring out her life. She had to consider much larger problems, though, after almost getting killed by Antimatter during battle. After Singularity visited her hospital bed, Dazzler got better quickly and jumped back in the battle that stopped the villain. Their actions caused more dimensional tears, though that allowed more strange things to come through, so the team stuck together to take care of them.

Together they went to Oregon to fight the shapeshifting Countess, only to also meet Dazzler Thor from Battleworld. During a conversation between the two Dazzlers, Ali admitted to her counterpart that she was dying from exposure to the Terrigen Mist. As it turned out, Dazzler Thor had also been exposed to it while falling through realities making her even further along in dealing with M-Pox. During the final battle with Countess, Dazzler Thor died and Ali told her teammates that she was also suffering from M-Pox.

When Captain Marvel needed to travel to New York City to begin with the beginnings of Civil War II, Dazzler and her team flew off to back her up. This turned out to be the battle with Thanos that the Inhuman Ulysses where the Titan killed War Machine and put She-Hulk in a coma. Blaire hated that Danvers intended to arrest people before they ever did anything wrong, especially when Ulysses had a vision about Nico killing a girl named Alice. They all managed to get along long enough to save a Colorado town from its own citizens which have been turned into giant bug monsters.

Though she made up with Medusa who she'd had a contentious relationship with, Alison did use her holographic powers to pose as Lady Shine, a singer at Black Bolt's Quiet Room club. Attacked the former Inhuman king with Emma Frost, knocking him out in the process. She survived a full-on attack from Black Bolt and later searched the sewers of New York City for Jean Grey before her return.

Getting The Band Back Together

Inspired by Dazzler Thor and her star-born hammer Lightbringer, Alison started a new punk band called Lightbringr that championed the idea of solidarity between mutants and Inhumans. After a show in Brooklyn, she met up with Colossus who asked if she wanted to return to the X-Men. Once again, she said thanks, but no thanks and continued with her tour.

While on another tour, this one a throwback celebrating her first album, she met with Havok, Warpath, Colossus, Beast and Banshee. Though they were actually there to see if her stage designer Forge would join their team, Ali got in on some X-action when the Office of National Emergency attacked and captured her and some of the others.

Havok worked with the Reavers to save them, but inadvertently gave them the ability to take over any technology which they used to become one with some Sentinels and then blast Dazzler and the X-Men. However, thanks to some quick thinking on her part, she created defeated holographic copies of them to fool the Sentinel-Reavers.

The motley crew only had a brief respite before realizing that the Reaver-Nels were set on attacking the Xavier Institute in Manhattan's Central Park. To stop them, Dazzler absorbed huge amounts of sound energy from Banshee's unbridled screams and then unleashed all that light to destroy the Sentinels. When O.N.E. showed up at the school, Dazzler's crew knew they needed to get out of there and got on a plane. However, Havok asked Dazzler to help him get them away free and also turn himself in, which she did.

Though she intended to break out on her own and show the world the hero she could be on her own, Blaire responded to Jean Grey's call for help during battle with a dying X-Man who had taken over Legion's body and his Horseman of Salvation: Storm, Blob, Magneto and Omega Red. Dazzler appeared to die alongside all of the other X-Men present that day, but that led into a new reality called The Age of X-Man. Even with this detour, don't expect Dazzler to stay away from her home reality for long and when she gets back, expect plenty of music and mayhem to follow her.




115 lbs.




Strawberry blonde; formerly dyed pink

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