Emil Nikos

Emil Nikos

Biochemist Emil Nikos uses his intelligence to assist his best friend and colleague Dr. Michael Morbius until an experiment goes horribly wrong, resulting in deadly consequences.



A devoted friend and colleague, Emil Nikos assists Dr. Michael Morbius with curing his blood disease until their experiment goes awry, and he becomes the victim of the monster he helps create — Morbius, the Living Vampire. Despite this, his life continues without his permission and he eventually becomes a true vampire.



A biochemist and co-researcher for the Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Michael Morbius, Emil Nikos offers not only his scientific expertise, but also friendship and wisdom.


Unnaturally Long Life

Emil is an educated biochemist with knowledge of shock therapy. After Emil dies at Morbius’ hands, Lord John Falsworth, AKA Baron Blood, revives him as a vampire. As such, he possesses the powers of such a creature of the night, including immortality and bloodlust.


From Friend to Foe

Emil’s colleague and friend Michael Morbius trusted him with the knowledge of his rare blood disease but also expected him to keep his secret. Emil does so, but it leads to his undoing when an experiment goes wrong. When Michael transforms into the Living Vampire, he kills Emil in a fit of bloodlust.
Long after Emil’s death, Baron Blood resurrected him as a vampire to use him against Morbius. When he faced Morbius, Emil accused him of creating monsters beyond himself, but ultimately showed him mercy.


An Assistant’s Account

When Emil helped his research partner Dr. Michael Morbius attempt to cure his rare blood disease, he warned Morbius that the experiment’s predicted results were less than optimistic. He also revealed too much about their experiment to Michael’s fiancée Martine Bancroft, for which Michael chastised Emil. Despite these things, Emil helped Michael by continuing his search for a cure. They used distilled fluids from bats to stall his disease. Then, while experimenting with such serums on board a rented yacht, Michael had Nikos run an electrical shock through his system. The combination transformed Michael into something resembling a vampire. Driven mad by bloodlust, Michael killed Emil but stopped short of draining his blood completely.

Later, Emil awoke from the dead, but found himself turned into a vampire by Baron Blood for the purpose of killing Morbius. When Emil came face-to-face with the man who murdered him, he expressed frustration but showed his old friend mercy. He left Morbius with a warning that he would one day choke on the sins of his past.