Martine Bancroft

Martine Bancroft

As fiancée to her beloved Dr. Michael Morbius, Martine Bancroft is intelligent and utterly dedicated to him, so much so that she becomes a vampire to never leave his side.


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The Multiverse Opens Up for 'Morbius'

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After her fiancé Dr. Michael Morbius becomes the Living Vampire known as Morbius, Martine stops at nothing to be reunited with her love. She eventually becomes a true vampire and lets her carnal desires lead her choices. 

Supportive Secretary

As the fiancée and secretary to scientist Dr. Michael Morbius, she supports him in his work. When the next phase of his experiment takes him to the sea, she insists on joining him and his assistant Emil Nikos, despite his warnings that his work is dangerous. After Michael disappears, she searches the yacht’s cabin for answers, only to find Emil dead.

True Vampire

After Martine becomes a real vampire, she possesses superhuman strength, a certain degree of telepathy and mind control, and the ability to transform into a bat. As a vampire, she has claws and fangs, which she uses to subdue her prey, and the innate ability to create more vampires.

Mortal Enemies

Martine gets unwittingly involved in the Cult of the New Order and comes under the control of sorcerer Daemond. He sends her to attack Morbius but she, in turn, is bitten by the Living Vampire. She survives only to be controlled once again by Daemond, but eventually escapes his hold.

After Martine becomes a real vampire, she uses Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, to get to Morbius in the hopes of turning him into a true vampire as well. Her effort proves fruitless when Morbius and Spider-Man work together and kill her.

Super Allies

After her beloved fiancé Dr. Michael Morbius becomes a Living Vampire, Martine allies with the Fantastic Four. He escapes their capture, but Martine’s dedication to Morbius does not end there. She commits herself fully to helping him find a cure to his bloodlust. Despite her efforts, Morbius often leaves her because he cannot resist his bloodlust and prevent himself from harming her.

Once Martine regains control of her faculties after being controlled by Daemond, she tries to help Morbius find a cure. In allying herself to him, she gains an enemy of ex-CIA agent Simon Stroud, who hunts Morbius. Occasionally, they are all forced into an uneasy alliance with one another as they battle real vampires.

Martine later dies but finds herself revived from the dead without emotions, which denies her happiness with Morbius once more. She then seeks out the means to become an eternal vampire to be with her love forever and succeeds, but Morbius refuses her advances. With Spider-Man’s help, he eventually slays her.

A Secretary’s Story

After Martine discovered Dr. Michael Morbius’ assistant Emil Nikos dead on his rented yacht, she searched the cabin. She found notes detailing his incurable blood disease and his creation of an enzyme that could strengthen his blood count — but the notes also revealed the side effects would make him a vampire. In the notes, Morbius mentioned Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Taking Morbius’ notes to FF’s headquarters at the Baxter Building, she told them her tale of confusion and woe. Susan Storm, AKA Invisible Woman, calmed her down, while Johnny Storm, AKA Human Torch, tracked Morbius to a park where he fought Spider-Man, but the Living Vampire ultimately escaped. 

Martine then joined the Cult of the New Order, where she became controlled by the sorcerer Daemond. He ordered her to stop Morbius, as he believed Morbius was a threat to humanity. On Daemond’s command, she fought Morbius and the psychic vampire Tara. Martine tried to kill her but was knocked off the roof by Tara’s psychic beam. Morbius caught her, but he lost control and bit her. When she woke up from the event, she remained under Daemond’s control. They caught Morbius once more, but he escaped their clutches again.

Months later, now free from Daemond’s thrall but still suffering the after-effects of his mind control spell, Martine walked the city confused and without purpose. Approached by Morbius, she couldn’t remember him or the experiences she had under Daemond’s control, but he reminded her resulting in her memories flooding back. After they encountered and survived an attack from Jack Russell, AKA Werewolf by Night, Martine realized Russell was a victim just like Morbius. Morbius, through Russell, found a cure to his vampirism. In their second encounter with Russell, the cure was lost and Morbius became murderous, intending to kill Russell. Fighting him off as Martine watched, Morbius kicked Russell into the La Brea tar pits and left him there to die. Martine tried to stop him from committing vengeance, but Morbius walked away from her. Martine then gave Russell the ability to free himself. 

After their encounter with Russell, Martine convinced Morbius to return to her. Using the last of Michael’s Nobel Prize money, Martine purchased the reputedly haunted Mason House just outside Boston, feeling it would afford them privacy while Morbius sought a cure. During this time, ex-CIA agent Simon Stroud sought a killer vampire in Boston on the NYPD’s behalf, despite his disbelief. He soon came to view Morbius as the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Morbius discovered he had a psychological need to drink blood from living victims. He nearly lost control and bit Martine. She tried to feed Morbius blood intravenously while he slept, but it failed. All of a sudden, Martine and Morbius found themselves attacked by Stroud, who had tracked Morbius down. Martine jumped in front of Morbius, allowing him to escape. Stroud arrested her for obstructing justice and harboring a murderer. 

While in custody, Martine heard more about the history of the Manor. She surmised and proved Morbius was not responsible for the killing and that the vampires the NYPD sought haunted the area before they arrived. Stroud investigated the Manor and, with Morbius, battled the extra-dimensional demon Helleyes, ultimately proving Martine’s theory correct. In this battle, Martine was attacked by the killer vampire and transformed into a pseudo-vampire like Morbius. Martine attacked an innocent bystander but was eventually cured of her condition when Morbius created an antidote derived from his own blood with Stroud’s help. Martine recovered, hugged Morbius and asked Stroud if Morbius would still be held accountable by the law for the others he harmed. Stroud said yes, but that they could enter a plea of insanity and hope for the best. The frustrated Morbius, who could not cure himself or protect others from himself, departed and left them both behind. 

Martine decided to help her now ex-fiancé Morbius once more and reunited with him. She contacted Dr. David Langford, who created a new serum from Morbius’ notes. Unbeknownst to Martine, Langford planned to kill Morbius and sell his manuscripts to Dr. Paine. One of Lilith’s children, Fang, added his own blood to the serum, which altered Morbius on the cellular level. Blinded by pain, Morbius sought out his old friend Dr. Jacob Weisenthal for help. In the meantime, when Martine discovered Langford’s plans, he slew her. When Morbius found her dying a pool of her own blood, he went berserk and killed Langford in return.

In an effort to revive Martine using a page of the Darkhold, a mystical spellbook, Morbius unintentionally made her a host for a Lilin named Parasite as he battled a Lilin within his own system. Morbius ultimately betrays “Martine” by killing her in order to protect the immortal Raydar. After Parasite left Martine’s body, Fallen member Embyrre resurrected her spirit. However, the lovers were denied their happiness as the now emotionless Martine (due to her resurrection) was robbed of the peace of death.

Morbius revived Martine using a page of the Darkhold, a mystical spell book, but found she was now the host for a Lilin named Parasite. Morbius ultimately betrayed Parasite/Martine and slew her to protect another. After the Lilin Parasite left Martine’s body, James Raydar, AKA Raydar’s daughter Embyrre, resurrected her spirit -- but Martine was now emotionless and increasingly frustrated with the fact Morbius would not allow her the peace of death. Able to gain a more normal appearance, Morbius adopted the identity Dr. Morgan Michaels and shared a tumultuous romance with Lena Ivana. Out of jealousy, Martine revealed his secret identity to Lena, which sent Morbius into a rage that led him to kill an innocent man. Despite these events, he later helped Martine’s relatives with their drug-addicted daughter.

After some time had passed, in hopes of being with Morbius again for eternity, Martine sought out the means to become a vampire and ensure a love that would never fade or age. Crossing paths with Peter Parker at a club for undead wannabees, Martine uses her vampiric abilities to read and seduce his mind. Tricking Spider-Man into inviting her into Morbius’ lair, Morbius confronted his ex-lover telling her she has confused love with the void of where her soul used to be, and should leave him be. Martine desperately longed to make Morbius a true vampire like her, while Spider-Man debated if he could bring himself to stake her. However, Morbius acted for them as he shoved his former lover back into the stake. With her heart pierced, Morbius killed her, gifting her ultimate peace.