A Celestial with vast cosmic powers in the palm of its armored-clad hands, Eson the Searcher joins its fellow kin to monitor planets, create new life, and experiment upon countless species.


A Mysterious Origin

Not much is known about Eson’s origins, much like the other Celestials, but what’s known is that Celestials are bonded to Eternity, the embodiment of time, and have performed actions based on Eternity’s will. Eson visits worlds with other Celestials in a series of four visits, forming an exploratory body called “the Host”.


Celestial Powers

Eson the Searcher possesses vast cosmic powers of unknown limits, with the ability to destroy planets and possibly stars as well. Eson uses telepathy to communicate which can travel great distances across time and space. Eson wears armor that contains their cosmic energies.


Earthly Enemies

While Eson and the other Celestials visit Earth and other worlds to pass judgement, Eson encounters the Deviants, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by the Celestials. The Deviants work against the Celestials by manipulating humanity to attack them. During such an attack, Eson destroys the Deviant’s home of Lemuria.


Cosmic Allies

Eson is naturally allied to its brethren, the Celestials, and joins them on their visits to Earth to pass judgement with the leader Arishem the Judge.


History of a Space God

During modern times, the Celestials arrived on Earth for the fourth Host. The Deviants, still reeling from the third Host, feared their judgment and tried to manipulate humanity into attacking the Celestials for them. The Eternals, another evolutionary race created by the Celestials, intervened and convinced humanity them to let the Celestials do their work. As Eson inspected the new incarnation of Deviant Lemuria, it wound up unintentionally destroying the city, forcing the Deviants to relocate yet again. The Council of the Gods intervened as well. When their avatar Ajak of the Eternals spoke with them on the Celestials’ behalf, he offered them salvation for a millennium if they would not interfere with Celestial affairs. The Council of the Gods agreed, staving off Celestial judgement.

Using telepathic communication, Eson revealed themselves to the mutant En Sabah Nur, AKA Apocalypse, and that the scientific riches that he had come upon were not free. Eson informed Apocalypse that should he accept the riches, he would be indebted to the Celestials but that it could be centuries or millennia before they would come to call, warning that the cost could be his life or even more.

When the Queen of Nevers brought the Celestials to Earth for the Fifth Host, she wanted them to prevent the First Firmament’s plans to overtake the Multiverse, and Eson was one of them.

Upon the Final Host, all Celestials, including Eson, fell to Earth. Though most of them perished, Eson was only injured and never landed thanks to Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, who stopped him from falling into and annihilating Manhattan. Eson used what powers he had available to teleport Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, to Robbie Reyes, AKA Ghost Rider, so that she could help the Avengers in the Final Host against the Dark Celestials. The Avengers worked to form the Uni-Mind and restore the Celestials, who helped the Avengers defeat their Dark counterparts.


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