Fera was one of the wolves that attacked and killed Iron Fist‘s mother, Heather Rand, as they journeyed to find the lost city of K'un-Lun. Sometime later Master Khan would use the power of the Shirrair to give Fera the form of a were-woman and used the Amulet of Shirrair, which he kept around his neck, to control her. Master Khan sent Fera to help Ward Meachum steal the Power Gem of Quon from Iron Fist. To show Ward that he was not in charge of her, she quickly killed one of his troops reminding him that he also took orders from the same master as she did. Later that night Fera broke into Iron Fist's apartment only to be confronted by Iron Fist himself. She quickly revealed to Iron Fist that she was one of the wolves that killed his mother and told him about the power of Shirrair surging through her body as she challenged him to a fight between champions of K'un Lun. During the battle, Iron Fist called upon the power of the Iron Fist to find out that Fera feared the energy of the Shao-Lao. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing would soon show up and before Fera could kill all three, Master Khan reminded her that the mission came before personal vendettas. Fera would then grab the Gem of Quon and flee, but not before she told Iron Fist they would meet again. Iron Fist would later contact Nightwing Restorations to investigate recent evolvements of Meachum, which led the duo to a Rand-Meachum plant in Long Island. The two would soon find that el Aguila was already there fighting guards and joined in the fight to help. Fera would soon be alerted to help and within seconds Fera captured Misty Knight using a nerve pinch, causing Wing and el Aguila to flee for help. After learning that Comanche and Shades had failed in retrieving film from D.W. Griffith that showed Meachum was connected to the two criminals, Fera left to get it herself. This led to a conflict with Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Wing, el Aguila, and Lieutenant Scarfe and despite being able to hold her own against the group, she realized that she was out numbered and jumped through a window fleeing.

Master Khan had the Power Gem of Quon sent to the Heroes for Hire office and when Iron Fist grabbed it, it drained the power of Shao-Lao and soul from his body. When the Heroes for Hire set out to retrieve the soul of Iron Fist, Fera confronted Iron Fist once again, however instead of killing Iron Fist in the weakened state that he was in, she led him to the location of the gem telling him that she was ordered to kill Iron Fist and he was not Iron Fist without the power of Shao-Lao. Fera then watched as both Iron Fist and Luke Cage fought Master Khan. When Master Khan was distracted, Fera used the opportunity to remove the Amulet of Shirrair from Khan's neck , thus freeing herself from his control. No longer bound by Master Khan’s control, Fera left telling Iron Fist they would meet again one day and when that day comes, they would be enemies once again.

Years later Fera was enlisted to join a group of women formed by Superia known as the Femizons and would change her name to Ferocia in the process. During a Pageant of Power contest, Ferocia smelt the presence of men and found both Captain America and Paladin in the crowd. When Asp, Diamondback and Paladin were attempting to escape, Ferocia was part of the group that attempted to stop them. While fighting Asp she was stabbed by Diamondback in the back with an icicle and fell unconscious as a result of her injury. The Femizons would disband soon afterwards.

When Dredmund Cromwell hired Moonhunter to gather various humanoid wolf creatures, Ferocia was one of the many Moonhunter had captured. Ferocia was able to somehow escape and attacked Captain America and Doctor Druid, who were searching for John Jameson, also known as Man-Wolf, who was missing. It was discovered that she was different than the other wolf creatures and Cromwell ordered Nightshade to do further testing on her to try and help speed up the conversion of the humans into wolf creatures. When Captain America managed to gather a group of wolf creatures to stand against Cromwell, Ferocia had her throat bitten by another wolf creature, however Ferocia managed to survive and escape before the authorities arrived.

Recently Ferocia resurfaced as a group of criminals that received an organ transplant using synthesized Skrull organs to gain shape-shifting powers in order to escape the Civil War|superhuman registration act. Ricadonna hired Ferocia and the others to break her out of prison. This led to a confrontation with the newly formed Heroes for Hire and ended in Ferocia being captured with the other members of her group and presumably sent to prison.






Variable; usually brown


Variable; usually gray fur that covers entire body

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