Celia Ricadonna

Celia Ricadonna



Acting solely under the pretext of leading several legal business ventures, Ricadonna actually earned much of her fortune by heading up her own crime family. Four thieves – Freezer Burn, 8-Ball, Humbug and Whirlwind – sought to steal some of her money for themselves, not realizing the trouble they'd be getting into. Not only did they get away with several pieces of valuable jewelry, but something else potentially worth billions to Ricadonna. She quickly discerned the identities of the burglars and hired other costumed criminals to retrieve her stole items.

Razorfist dealt with Freezer Burn, but came up empty handed – in more ways than one. After killing Freezer Burn, Razorfist was discovered by Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, also looking for Freezer Burn for an outstanding warrant. Colleen severed the weapon hand of the assassin, and called the police to come pick him up. Next on their list was 8-Ball, but before he could divulge all the information about their heist, the Wrecker killed him while in their custody. The Trapster was hired to take out Whirlwind, but although he didn't kill him, Trapster didn't get Ricadonna's property back either. What she did get was a visit from Misty and Colleen, inquiring about the robbery, but after blatantly lying and careful misdirection, Ricadonna paid Misty a visit at her apartment just as Humbug showed up with her precious merchandise.

Vicious as she is beautiful, Ricadonna ruthlessly attacked Misty, leaving her battered, broken and minus her bionic arm which currently housed the stolen microchip Ricadonna went through all the trouble to reclaim. The only reason she didn't kill Misty is because Humbug summoned a swarm of insects to forcibly remove Ricadonna from the premises. She planned to auction the chip, made by the Mad Thinker, to whichever terrorist group or outlaw nation would pay the highest, but what was on the chip was truly frightening – an advanced computer virus capable of wreaking havoc with the world's economy or any given country'’s defense systems. Ricadonna had the anti-virus of course, making her systems immune to any devastating effects. Everyone from A.I.M., the Hand and Hydra to other smaller mob families showed up to bid on the chip, but Misty, Colleen and Iron Fist weren't about to let that device fall into enemy hands.

The trio fought superbly against superior numbers, but Ricadonna attempted to escape. However, she ran into Misty and Colleen's indestructible receptionist, Otis Johnson, who stalled her long enough for Misty to challenge Ricadonna to a rematch. This time is was Misty that emerged victorious, as she had the upper hand with improvements made to her new bionic arm. Ricadonna was beaten and the microchip was removed from her possession, both being handed over to the proper authorities. She stayed incarcerated until such a time where those with special abilities were required to Civil War|register with the government, but a place called The Corporation had a solution for that dilemma.

This secret facility was transplanting organs from the alien Skrulls into individuals who didn't want to register, but still wanted to remain hidden from the law. Whether or not Ricadonna had a stake in this business venture has yet to be revealed, but she hired four criminals who underwent the ability enhancing surgery to break her out of prison. Blue Streak, Ferocia, Flame and King Size were the team that liberated Ricadonna and stood by her side when the Heroes for Hire came looking for her after she hired ninjas to kill Tarantula and Insecticide to exterminate Humbug. This time Ricadonna was more powerful than before, but the numbers were still against her. In the end, the Heroes for Hire defeated Ricadonna and destroyed The Corporation, but they made a fatal flaw in thinking Ricadonna died in the wreckage. Ricadonna survived the massive explosion and is free to pursue her evil desires.


5'6" (variable)


129 lbs.


Green (variable; formerly blue)


Green (variable; formerly blond)

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