Jeanne FoucaultFinesse



What Jeanne Foucault lacks in social graces she more than makes up for in a fight. She is skilled. She is deadly. She is Finesse.


Finesse made it clear she wasn't at the Avengers Academy to make friends. She was there to sharpen her skills. She is so confident in her abilities that she was able to take time during an intense training session to focus on a conversation between Speedball and Quicksilver, happening in an adjoining room. Discerning her instructors were keeping a secret from her and the others in the group, Finesse was all in favor of finding out what it was. Accompanied by two of her teammates, Finesse hacked into Avengers’ computers only to discover the reason she was chosen was because those training her were afraid of her – a notion that appeared to please her.


After a training session against the powerhouse called Arsenal, Finesse wanted to alleviate the suspicions of her teammates and tutors by displaying a wider range of human emotions. It meant she would have to leave her comfort zone, but after seeking help from Hank Pym, Finesse uncovered something else she wanted even more. She viewed videos of Quicksilver claiming to have been replaced by Skrulls - explaining some of his more sinister actions - but knew he was lying. She also learned of his time spent with the Brotherhood of Mutants and blackmailed him into teaching her what Magneto taught him, or she would expose his secret to the world.

Doppelganger Duel

Finesse got some free time to further her own ambitions as her fellow students were being reprimanded by Tigra for hunting down and torturing a depowered Hood as revenge for his assaulting Tigra. Finesse asked Quicksilver to help her find the man she believed to be her father, Taskmaster, and they tracked him to a supposedly abandoned training facility. Once they arrived the duo made quick work of several thugs still inside, and Quicksilver left Finesse alone to explore the facility. She was attacked by Taskmaster, and was holding her own until Taskmaster stopped the fight. She thought he was giving up, but he was actually testing a theory of his own. He heard Finesse might be his daughter too and figured fighting her might allow him to remember her moves, and in doing so remember her, but all her moves were somebody else's too. Taskmaster told her to enjoy her stint with the Avengers, and if it ever went sour she had inside information worth a fortune to the right buyers.

All the Right Moves

When another trainee at Avengers Academy accidentally brought Carina Walters, the ex-wife of Michael Korvac, to the school, all reality was put in jeopardy. However, Carina had a plan to defeat her crazed ex before he could achieve victory. Finesse's mind was transferred to her adult body, pulled somewhere from the time stream, and given all her future potential. She fought Korvac with moves from fighters who didn't even exist yet, but after she and her teammates defeated Korvac, Finesse was restored to normal.









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