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Who Is Galactus? The Official Marvel Guide


Who Is Galactus? The Official Marvel Guide

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Firelord was sent to Earth, by his master, Galactus, in order to seek out two individuals – the mighty Thor and his companion Hercules. Weary after a battle with the deadly Destroyer, Thor transformed himself back to his human form of Dr. Donald Blake in order to check on a patient he was caring for. While at the hospital, Firelord sensed his targets and proceeded to procure them. Injuring some of the staff, Firelord did not go unnoticed by the Prince of Power, and Firelord’s arrogance gave Hercules the wrong impression about his intentions. The two did battle, but the awesome powers of Firelord were too much for the Olympian to handle, and even the added might of Thor could not prevent Firelord from summoning his master. Galactus eventually, arrived on Earth, not to destroy it, but to enlist the aid of the Thunder god against the now insane Ego, the Living Planet, in order to save the universe. Firelord, Thor and Hercules traveled to Ego and touched down on its surface where an incredible battle ensued. The heroes prevailed only when Galactus attached a powerful propulsion unit to Ego’s surface and blasted him into deep space. Soon after, Firelord asked to be a free man once again, and Galactus released him from his service when Thor offered up the Destroyer as a replacement herald.

Firelord decided to remain on Earth for some reason that eluded him, and during his time he had encounters with beings such as Jean Grey and the Avengers. Firelord has also fought beside and against Thor on more than one occasion too. One such instance was sparked because of a televised battle between Thor and another former herald of Galactus, Air-Walker. Seeing the familiar face of his friend in distress ignited the rage within Firelord and he quickly flew to his aid. However, he arrived too late and his long lost companion was dead at Thor’s feet. The fury inside Firelord had nowhere to go, so he directed it at the Asgardian. The battle was fierce and brutal until Firelord told of his past and what Gabriel, the Air-Walker, meant to him. His tale ended with his confrontation with Galactus and his demands of releasing Gabriel from servitude. Galactus was so impressed with the audacity of this stranger that he offered him the opportunity to become herald, and Firelord was born. After he calmed down considerably, Firelord took the remains of Air-Walker, returned to space and buried him on an asteroid near their homeworld.

Eventually, Firelord returned to Earth, and in an attempt to enjoy earthly pleasures, his arrogance got in the way again. He was attacked by several construction workers, and the commotion drew the attention of Spider-Man. Unfamiliar with Firelord, Spider-Man attacked but was quickly put on the defensive once the former herald of Galactus had enough. In the end, after pursuing Spider-Man throughout Queens and into Manhattan, Spider-Man managed to defeat Firelord just by running on pure adrenaline from his fear of being demolished. Firelord ultimately recovered and had other meetings with Earth’s heroes like Quasar before returning to space and starting a brief romance with another herald of Galactus, Nova. This could be one of the reasons why he chose to aid Nova and the Silver Surfer, along with the other former Heralds of Galactus, against the deranged Morg. That conflict ended with Morg’s defeat and Nova’s death, but Firelord, and the newly resurrected Air-Walker, agreed to act as heralds once again.

Time had passed, and Firelord was released from service but was called back into action when the forces of Annihilus destroyed his homeworld of Xandar in an attempt to draw him and Air-Walker out into the open. The plot worked, but the Annihilus got more than he bargained for because Firelord would not go down easy. In fact, with Red Shift and Stardust at his side, he didn’t go down at all. After the Annihilation Wave was defeated, Firelord sought revenge for the destruction of the Xandar Cluster and hunted down the remaining forces of Annihilus known as the Centurions. Although his hatred for the Centurions is strong, Firelord allowed a small group that claimed to change their ways to survive, but warned that if they did not do right, they would die by his hand.

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6’ 4”


220 lbs.




Blond but tinged with cosmic fire

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