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Curtis Doyle found a ring made from shards of the reality-altering Cosmic Cubes, and soon discovered its power, Out of both of sense of responsibility and a desire for adventure, Curtis became the hero Freedom Ring, intervening in a battle between Spider-Man and the Abomination; his repeated use of heavy stone weights and walls failed to halt the Abomination, who quickly struck him down. While the X-Men defeated the Abomination, Spider-Man rushed the grievously injured Curtis to medical attention, Weeks later, Curtis, paralyzed from the waist down, used the ring to regain the use of his legs. He discovered an observing neighbor was a friendly Skrull ex-spy, who suggested he use the ring to increase his physical strength and durability. The Skrull became fellow super-hero Crusader, and the pair confronted Iron Maniac, an insane Earth-5012 Iron Man counterpart. Curtis rendered the Iron Maniac too heavy to move, but while his concentration was thus occupied, Iron Maniac triggered extending spikes from his armor, killing Curtis immediately. Iron Maniac was then defeated by the Avengers, who honored Curtis's sacrifice. The Crusader recovered the Cosmic Ring.




160 lbs.





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