Before becoming the Asgardian Goddess of Marriage and All-Mother, Freyja was a Vanir Goddess. Her father, Freyr, fought against Odin Borson, ruler of the Aesir, for many years before she finally struck a deal with Odin, agreeing to marry him and unite their tribes as one people - Asgardians.

Freyja, like all Asgardian gods, is near immortal and resistant to disease and illness. She has superhuman strength, endurance, durability and can speak in the languages of the Ten Realms. But unlike other Asgardians, Freyja can wield powerful magic.

After the joining of their peoples Odin and Freyja produced a first-born daughter, Aldrif, and later a son, Tyr, as heirs to the new kingdom’s throne, cementing its unity. However, when Heven decided to wage war on Asgard, Aldrif was kidnapped and believed killed sending Freyja into a fit of fury causing her to curse the Angels of Heven.. The loss of her first-born daughter weighed heavily on her it also weighed heavily on the minds of her people causing turmoil among the kingdom that felt deprived of a true heir. Though Freyja did not wish to produce another heir, she did eventually overcome her grief and birth another child, Balder. However, an ancient prophecy foretold his death would bring about the apocalypse (Ragnarok) so Freyja cast spells of protection upon him and Odin hid him away to be raised as a commoner, unaware of his royal blood in an attempt to keep him safe. She later raised her husband’s son Thor as her own and even became the adoptive mother to Loki, though their relationship has never been quite as simple. Indicative of this complicated relationship, Loki killed Balder, which brought about Ragnarok, Asgard’s destruction and Freyja’s death. However, Thor managed to survive and brought back the fallen Asgardians including his mother. Upon her return she, Gaea and Idunn joined together becoming the All-Mother of Asgard, ruling in Odin’s absence and sacrificing themselves to protect Asgard from King Loki and Hela’s attack. She was then resurrected again and Loki seemingly rejoined the side of his adoptive family. This did not last long as Odin later had Freyja arrested for protecting Jane Foster who picked up the mantle, and hammer, of Thor after he lost the ability to wield Mjolnir. During her trial, Freyja sent Loki to infiltrate Malekith’s Dark Council, which planned to wage war across the Ten Realms, but instead he stabbed her in the back with a poisoned knife sending her into a coma. Though his actions were intended to actually save her life, as he foiled an enemy plan to murder her, Freyja turned him away after Jane’s actions opposing Odin stirred her from her sleep. She rallied her forces once more against another attack on Asgard by the monster Mangog and though she and Odin were saved by Jane - who defeated Mangog while simultaneously losing her ability to transform into Thor - the damage from the attack was too severe and she and the remaining Asgardians had to evacuate as their beloved home was destroyed.