There will come a time, so far into the future of Earth, that it can not even be imagined by the mortal mind. This will be a time of conquest and destruction. A warlord will rise out of the muck and mire seeking true dominance, not of a single world, nor a single galaxy, but the conquest of the entire universe. The scope and size of this war will be beyond comprehension, but it will rage on for tens of thousands of years. This warlord will be known as Gaunt. He will proceed to achieve his desire of forming an empire that would rule the cosmos until the stars die out. Trillions will die in war, planets will be crushed in his onslaught, and star systems will perish. Eventually he will be met with defeat, and exiled to the end of time, to the Borderline of reality. There he is to live alone forever. The Borderline, is the end of all realities of the Earth, an uninhabited world without life, a cold barren wasteland with no future. It is a prison without escape.

Years will pass before the timestream presented Gaunt with a morsel of hope in the form of Rachel Summers, her powers will be muted by the devices that continues to hold Gaunt’s powers in check. She will eventually succumb to Gaunt and become an unwilling slave. Rachel will prove to be poor company, due to Gaunt’s need for battle and conquest. Probing Rachel’s mind he will learn of three of the greatest warriors of her time, Captain America, Wolverine, and Cable.

After his lesson with the women known as Shin, who was secretly training him to oppose the Black Dawn, Cable disclosed to Irene Merryweather, that Rachel had entered the timestream to rescue Captain Britain, but she was unable to escape herself, and was in great distress in a distant future. With aid of the first member to join the Clan Askani, Blaquesmith, Cable set out to rescue his time lost sister. He eventually made his way to the Borderline, where he would engage the fanatical Gaunt for the life of Rachel.









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