Irene Merryweather



Irene was a reporter for the "Inquiring Eye", researching a story on the Hellfire Club. Fearing that she might uncover something, Donald Pierce ordered Irene to be silenced and sent some Hellfire Club employees after her. Cable came to her rescue and decided that she would be the perfect person to chronicle his adventures.

This led to Irene traveling with Cable, and meeting his associates (Domino, G.W. Bridge, Blaquesmith and Madelyne Pryor). It was during this time that Irene wrote her first Newsworthy story for the Daily Bugle, after getting information on a Black Ops S.H.I.E.L.D. mission in Hell's Kitchen.

When Cable went through his "Messiah" phase and constructed Providence, Irene moved there and quickly took up the role as Chief of Staff, advisor, and close friend to Cable. Since the destruction of Providence, Irene compiled her writings, which were preserved for the future by her descendants as a ruse to trick Bishop, who had been hunting down Cable through various timestreams.









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