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Guantlet's early history remains shrouded in mystery. He was among the Inhumans that were conquered and captured by the mutant Apocalypse during his invasion of the moon city of Attilan. Gauntlet was selected by Apocalypse to be a member of his army the Riders of the Storm; they would later come to be known as the Dark Riders. Gauntlet is a green skinned, long fang-toothed Inhuman. He survived the battle with the X-Man known as Wolverine by retreating just before many of his fellow Dark Riders lost their lives.

Gauntlet re-emerged from hiding later with a new version of the Dark Riders that worked for Stryfe. Later the ruthless Dark Riders sought out to destroy the Mesmero of the Weapon X program. Gauntlet shot Mesmero, who used his abilities to appear dead to free himself of the Dark Riders pursuit. Eventually Gauntlet rose to the rank of field leader for the Dark Riders and was present when Wolverine rejected the adamantium stolen from Cyber. While in a berserker rage Wolverine injured Gauntlet, although he didn’t kill him.

Gauntlet was later appointed covertly by Blaquesmith to pursue Apocalypse when the scoundrel was amalgamated into the body of Cyclops, only to discover Apocalypse dead after Phoenix liberated Cyclops from the amalgamation. Gauntlet did not reveal to Cable the secret identity of his employer.






Right eye is cybernetic: Left eye Yellow, black pupil/iris



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