Gloria WarnerG'iah

A secret agent for the Skrull Empire and mother of three, G’iah takes both her roles seriously and will do anything for her family.



A secret agent of the Skrull Empire, G’iah prefers the field and knowing the face of her enemy. Following orders, she heads to Earth where she has a family and infiltrates the highest levels of government.


Deep Undercover

An operative of the Skrull Empire, G’iah gets a deep undercover assignment with fellow operative and partner Klrr on Earth. Their sole purpose is to pave the way for a Skrull invasion. 

While on Earth, G’iah and Klrr have three children, Ivy, Madison, and Alice, though G’iah worries that being around humans would corrupt their kids. Using their Skrull physiology, which allows them to take any shape at will, they pose as the Warners, a family in Stamford, Connecticut. They carry out their orders by ingratiating their human personas with people of power. While G’iah works for Congresswoman Baker, Klrr works for Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, at Stark Unlimited. Together, with their daughters, they hide in plain sight and prepare for the annexation of Earth.



Like other Skrulls, G’iah is a reptilian humanoid whose body contains unstable molecules, which empowers her to shift into any form and resume her true shape using mental concentration. She can exist unaided in virtually any atmosphere except the vacuum of space. She has green skin, large, pointed ears, and a furrowed chin. She can alter her height at whim and has a life span of over two centuries. 


Facing Foes

G’iah enemies are the Empire’s, and that includes the Kree, an alien race with whom their people have been locked in a millennia-long war, and those on Earth who would harm them. However, she doesn’t see an enemy within her ranks, that of her Skrull handler, Moloth. Things come to blows between them, and though nearly defeated, she ends up the victor.


Familial Ties

G’iah allies most closely with her family and her Skrull Empire handler Moloth who relays their orders. Though her handler betrays her, and makes her an enemy of the Empire, she remains loyal to her family.


Mother Knows Best

During their time on Earth, G’iah and Klrr go on missions with their daughters. Ahead of one mission, G’iah’s daughter Ivy gave her a lucky charm in the form of a flower. She pocketed it but it didn’t make a difference. During the mission, they lost Ivy in an explosion, a failed operation that haunts their family.

When G’iah’s family learned of Project Blossom, a secret government-sponsored endeavor to reveal and eradicate Skrulls hidden on Earth, they set out to stop it. While working for Congresswoman Baker as Gloria Warner, G’iah acted as her fixer and secured votes through bribery to get Baker on the Special Projects Committee. Access to this committee allowed Baker future meetings with Project Blossom’s subcontractors.

Out on a date, G’iah and Klrr infiltrated Stark Tower to retrieve more information on Project Blossom. G’iah impersonated a guard and eliminated the patrol on a basement floor, clearing the way for her and Carl’s next objective. They succeeded and met up with their daughter Madison at home, who succeeded in retrieving blueprints stolen from a classmate’s parents. But upon arriving to their home, they saw signs of an attack. Rushing in, they found Alice over the body of a madman who had been killing Skrulls. 

Furious, G’iah kept silent until her husband insisted that she speak to him. She asked him if he knew the man was hunting them. Klrr knew and G’iah beat him senseless. They formed a plan to infiltrate the Stark Industries’ Project Blossom facility and separated. While Klrr impersonated the madman and let his superiors know that the Warners were off the table, G’iah impersonated Congresswoman Baker and her daughters took the likeness of herself as Gloria Warner, and Gloria’s assistant, to enter the facility through the front door. G’iah used the bathroom to gain access to the duct system, which led her to a vault. To her surprise, it contained her daughter Ivy, who was hooked up to a machine.

Escaping with their lives, G’iah and her daughters headed for home. G’iah couldn’t reach Klrr on comms and by the time they got home, it was up in flames. They headed off towards their safe house but without Alice who needed to finish her part of the plan: getting close to classmate Andrea Billings, daughter of FBI Agent Billings. G’iah, Madison, and Ivy arrived at the safe house where they found Klrr waiting for them. Relieved but suspicious about what happened to him, G’iah tested him. When he failed the test, she outed him as Moloth and demanded to know what he had done. While fighting him in hand-to-hand combat, Moloth described how he believed the Empire was weak and desired to look out for himself. With G’iah nearly defeated, Madison intervened but ended up strangled alongside her mother by Moloth. Suddenly, a van driven by Alice smashed through the house and into Moloth, freeing her family from his hold. Moloth ensured that G’iah and her family would be targets of the Empire. Shaping her hand into a weapon, G’iah put an end to Moloth.

G’iah burned the safe house down to cover their tracks, and the remaining “Warners” changed their identities and went on the lam.

Still loyal to the Empire, G’iah attempts to contact Skrull High Command more than a dozen times but doesn’t hear back. In her attempts, she explained how Moloth betrayed and killed her husband, and how Ivy had been tortured and used to create the tech that exposed the Skrulls. She and her daughters became determined to find the monsters trying to expose Skrulls and destroy them.

They later infiltrated Project Blossom’s lab, which was empty, but their readings suggested Kree had been there, and they also came upon a plant. G’iah explained to her children that this plant was part of their history and had partly started the Kree/Skrull war. G’iah went into detail about it and then they returned to the safe house. In Madison’s investigation of the facility, she found that it received a sub-space transmission, and investigated its encryption. Ivy shared a prophecy she had heard about the war and how it involved the Cotati, a peaceful plant-like race that would create the perfect female, the Celestial Madonna, the Avenger Mantis, and she would produce the Celestial Messiah, Sequoia, AKA Quoi. The prophecy came true and Sequoia remained in space, helping to restore an area known as the Rot. He came up against Thanos and his Thanosi warriors. but Earth’s Avengers intervened. Stern, G’iah responded to her daughter’s wistful thinking about peace and reminded them that there would never be peace between the Skrulls and Kree. Suddenly, their safe house exploded, but they were saved by Ivy who morphed into a gigantic beast and kept her family safe. As Madison uncovered the location of the Kree that attacked them, she also decrypted a message from Teddy Altman, AKA Hulkling, the half-Kree, half-Skrull Young Avenger of Earth who was actually Skrull royalty known as Dorrek VIII. G’iah directed her computer to pull up everything it had on him, and in detailing his history on Earth, it didn’t know his allegiance. 

G’iah drove her daughters to the location of the Kree who attacked them. G’iah planned to kill the man despite her daughter Ivy’s protests. She entered the Kree’s home and found him at a dinner table with his family. Her daughters tried to stop her, and she put down her weapon. The Kree shared a message with them from the Hulkling, now calling himself Emperor, which informed them that the Kree and Skrulls were aligned against a common enemy and to head to Earth.



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