Glyph (Nadeen Hassan)

Nadeen HassanGlyph

The powerful conjurer Glyph summons the ancient Egyptian spirits to fight alongside her as an undead army.



Nadeen Hassan is overcome with conjuring powers beyond her control and it’s not until she meets the Howling Commandos does she master her abilities. She joins the squad as a full-fledged member and becomes Glyph, fighting for her teammates and battling fierce foes that threaten Earth.


A Blinding Light

Teenage Nadeen Hassan comes into her spirit conjuring powers at an inopportune moment, on a New York City’s subway train. When the Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. detect a massive supernatural surge, they investigate to find Nadeen summoning the spirits of the ancient ones with a blinding light. Though she warns the team, she cannot control the spirits. Commando Nina Price, AKA Vampire by Night, helps her regain control. Nadeen is in her mind at a place of great beauty with a lot of pain and it is here where she meets Vampire by Night, who reminds her that she has the power to control the malevolent spirits from the void.

She ends up imprisoned at S.H.I.E.L.D.’s special division for Supernatural Threat Analysis for Known Extranormalities, AKA S.T.A.K.E., Nadeen feels as if she’s a monster but she befriends Jamie, the inmate next to her, who reminds her she is not. She sleeps that night and dreams of her brother who controls her and makes her use her powers against S.T.A.K.E. headquarters. Commando Teen Abomination takes her down and Vampire by Night reminds her to take control. Nadeen, coming out of her violent possession, warns them that the Howling Commandos are all going to die. She realizes that her powers are connected to her twin brother, who is controlling her, meanwhile he with Anath-Na Mut, AKA Sphinx’s help traps the Commandos.

While being held at S.T.A.K.E. and having been the source of an attack on the facility, Nadeen was electrocuted and tortured for information by Dr. Kraye, convinced she was working for someone. Dum Dum Dugan liberated her and apologized for the mistreatment. While Dugan confronted his superior, Commander Reyna, about Kraye’s activities, but Kraye shocked Dugan with an EMP and held him at gunpoint threatening his life. Nadeen smacked Kraye with a hand-held weapon, standing up for herself. Nadeen informed Dugan of her brother, Navid Hassan, who had caused all the destruction through her and asked for his help to stop him. Dugan promptly welcomed her to the Howling Commandos and takes the codename Glyph in honor of the hieroglyphics that appear when she conjures spirits.


Spirit Conjurer

Glyph can conjure ancient Egyptian spirits and control them. Channeling the energy of the spirits, she can easily breach through barriers. She also possesses super strength, able to punch concrete and with little to no physical damage, suggesting amplified durability.

She shares a psychic connection to her twin brother Navid, who has similar spirit conjuring powers to her own. Through this connection, they can see through one another’s eyes and control each other if their defenses are down.

Glyph wears a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform equipped with a utility belt and wraps around her forearms, hands, calves and feet. She also wears a headscarf.


Familial Foe

Nadeen, not having seen her brother in years, sees him in a dream that reveals his true intentions to capture the Howling Commandos while he uses their psychic bond to attack the facility she’s being held at. She soon finds out that he traded his humanity for power and despite Navid taking advantage of their bond, when it comes time to defeat him she cannot do it. Though her teammates offer an assist and free him from possession by the Adversary.


Monstrous Miscreants

After Nadeen comes into her powers, she draws the attention of the Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D., a team of monstrous miscreants led by the Life-Model Decoy version of Dum Dum Dugan. The Howling Commandos eventually help her with her abilities and welcome her as a member of the team. While with them, she takes the codename Glyph.


A Conjurer’s Chronicle

Glyph joined the Howling Commandos and left for New York where the creature known as Sphinx was spotted with his undead army. Their mission: to stop Sphinx from acquiring an artifact, Amenhotep’s mask, and contain the chaos caused by his apprentice, Nadeen’s brother, along with his spiritual servants.

With Manphibian’s help, Nadeen found the strength to use her powers and breach through to the Museum from tunnels below. Face to face with her brother she discovered he surrendered his humanity for power. Though Navid suddenly transformed into the Adversary, a beast using Navid. Nadeen sensed her brother who asked her to set him free. But the Commandos Hit-Monkey and Zombie Jasper Sitwell used the Amenhotep’s mask, to pull the Adversary out of Navid.

While searching for their missing teammate, Vampire by Night, Nadeen and the Commandos came upon a time-displaced Old Man Logan looking for fellow X-Man, mutant turned vampire Jubilation Lee, AKA Jubilee. The commandos informed him that she was with a bunch of vampires, including Vlad Dracula, AKA Dracula, who called all vampires to him. They infiltrated Dracula’s stronghold but got caught in the process. Though they are all saved by Orrgo and Old Man Logan who together decapitated Dracula.



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