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Brian Talbot felt his brother Glenn was a self absorbed, abusive monster, and he hated him for it; but it was easier to blame Glenn's obsession with the Hulk for his behavior. General John Ryker approached Brian sometime after Glen was killed while pursuing the Hulk, reinforcing Brian's beliefs that Hulk was responsible for Glenn's demise. Agreeing to undergo experimental procedures in order to get revenge against Hulk, Brian was injected with Hulk blood and Leader (Samuel Sterns) DNA to keep potential uncontrollable rampages in check. Brian became Grey, field leader of Ryker's Gamma Corps, and was a model soldier. As Grey, Talbot infiltrated an A.I.M. facility with the rest of the Corps, ending the life of Ryker's former lackey Flux.

Leading his team into battle against Hulk, Grey's brilliant strategy allowed the Corps a temporary victory when Talbot snapped the Hulk's neck, leaving him seemingly lifeless. Hulk soon healed and defeated his foes before heading off to find Ryker's base in the Staten Island Dump. Grey and the others gave chase but were beaten again. The Hulk then made Grey doubt himself which caused Talbot to succumb to an uncontrollable rage and tear apart the Staten Island facility. Grey kept the Gamma Corps running without Ryker's influence and targeted new subjects: Mister Fantastic, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Black Bolt and Doctor Strange. The Corps went into hiding but were eventually found by Iron Patriot, who offered Grey's team employment as bounty hunters for H.A.M.M.E.R. Grey accepted the offer to become a soldier again and hunt unregistered superhumans.









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